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    Call of Juarez The Cartel sniper controls don't work on PC

    I was playing Eddie Guerra. At chapter 11, I need to eliminate the snipers. But that's kind of hard to do when I can't zoom in. I went to Youtube and saw this ********er play it on xbox360 or ps3 - he had "press this to zoom in, press that to zoom out" appear on screen. These icons don't show when using sniper rifle in pc version. Only icon that shows is "hold SHIFT for breath". Pressing zoom in/zoom out keys does nothing. What the ****? It makes this mission impossible on PC, unless you're playing as Ben.

    I personally love this game. The Cartel has melee combat like the original Call of Juarez game. Gunslinger and Bound in Blood have no melee combat at all.
    I love the characters and I love the story even though some people hate them.
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    This was the worst CoJ game, and also maybe one of the top 20 worst games ever made, period.
    I am surprised you didnt google it before you got it, it could have saved you some money.
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    It is a fun game, just a bad PC port. I had good time playing through story as Ben Mccall and playing as Eddie up until Chapter 11. I never trust what other people say, I remember an old gamespot review which was overly negative - that's exactly why I bought it. When something overly praised, this is where I'll get cautious. Only time other people's opinions proved to be true was in the case of Ride To Hell Retribution.
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    Damn! After watching some more gameplay videos of the same mission, I realized I was using the wrong rifle (SUD). While the guys making walkthrough videos had something more powerful. I never bothered to collect special items thus more powerful weapons were locked for me. Gotta start from mission 1 now and collect all the ****

    I apologize for my childish whining.
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    Nah, no problem.
    I usually like the games that dont get such great reviews either, or only get 1 game and no sequals.
    But this game (as you mention, I played it on PC) was just terrible. I dont think I ever finished it, it was that bad.
    Glad you liked it though.
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    There is a problem with sniper zoom after all. Must be something that got ****ed with update 1.12 on Steam.

    As I saw Eddie Guerra playthrough that was played on PC and he had "press + zoom in and - to zoom out" just like on the ps3 walkthrough that I saw of Kim Evans. Only thing that appears on screen in Steam version is "hold shift for breath" no matter the rifle. I used one with best range, M24. iHolding down shift only stabilizes the rifle, but I can't zoom in at all, even though sniper zoom controls are there in key bindings.

    This **** really pisses me off.
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    I am a ****ing idiot. 10000 mission attempts and sleepless nights - I never realized the sniper I had to use was a mounted rifle on hilltop. This baby zooms in just fine. Problem solved I even tried downgrading the game at one point.
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