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    Originally Posted by haydo2013 Go to original post
    Hello I was wondering if you know when the season pass will be available for purchase without having to purchase the gold edition thanks
    I believe that you can purchase the season pass independently after release if you did not purchase the gold edition.

    Originally Posted by WingedDemon- Go to original post
    Good eveing,

    I'm about to buy the pre-order for the Gold Edition of For honor, but i have a doubt. Will i be able to share the season pass content with my wife ? We have 2 ps4, one in the living room and other in the bedroom, we share most of season pass content from games, i'm just wondering if i will be able to do so with For Honor as well ?

    Or should i buy the standar version and let it go for the season pass ? Because i won't pay 2x for season pass.
    Season pass content is not shareable across multiple accounts unfortunately.
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    Originally Posted by UbiNoty Go to original post
    Hello - Like some of you have mentioned, all Heroes can be unlocked with Steel after the season pass early access period. Season pass owners will be able to access new heroes a week earlier.
    If you'd like more details about the season pass, you can read about it here!
    is each new dlc hero gonna cost 500 steel to unlock like the heroes in the beta?
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