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    Question About Rewards/Sweepstakes

    Hi, so I've entered the reward system's sweepstakes for the collector's edition bundle several times (around 15 or so) watched the vids, read the articles, followed on social media, all the good jazz, and put all the points towards the sweepstakes. It says after you send your entries you will get a confirmation email, which I never got for any of my entries. So first of all, when am I going to get those emails if at all?

    My second question is about the fact that the sweepstakes doesn't end until the game is out, and considering I would prefer to have the pre-order bonus than not, does the sweepstakes come with the pre-order bonuses? It probably does, but my main concern is that if I don't win, which I probably won't, that I don't wan't to order the game until whether I know if I've won or not. So if I don't win, I won't be able to get the pre-order bonus given that the game will already be out by the time that I'll know whether or not I end up having to buy the game or if I get lucky and win.

    Other than that, since I've entered multiple times on separate occasions during my free time, I don't know the exact number of entries I've submitted, which would be nice to know if I ever do get the confirmation emails. Any input or clarification on this topic would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    Hey mods, I know you must be busy with the beta and launch days coming up and all, but it's been 3 days with no replies. Even if you don't know the answers I would still prefer you to at least say so, that way I can stop checking it all the time. Thanks.
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    Hello ZallyNally!
    I'm not sure when decisions/announcements regarding the sweepstakes will be made, but I will forward your questions along to the team and see what I can find out!
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    Thanks a bunch @UbiNoty
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