Hey guys I was playing R.U.S.E earlier and although many think Britain is horrible, I have an amazing tactic.

Deploy 2 armour bases next to your HQ with 2 supply depots and wait for another $40. Place a secondary HQ in the middle of the map (Valongne for D-Day) and then place another armour base, wait for money and spam Cruiser A-13's next to their base. Its almost certain they have fighter-bombers / other tanks but thats what you want, while they are deploying tanks, deploy an airfield and get either or the medium bomber and spam it on their bases (NOT HQ) remember to set off attack on bases auto. If your lucky all their fighter bombers are grounded or they have no AA
(Good AA is usually in the prototype section which is too costly at the first few minutes of game time)
Gather your Cruisers outside their HQ so they cant deploy any bases, then spawn paratroopers to capture their base

And why you ask this is only good for Britain? Because the Cruisers are cheap and dont get destroyed in one bomb, and Britain dosen't require research for paratroopers

Hope this helped