Hi there i have a simple idea that i hope you guys will have time to take a look at.

As many other gamers we are all waiting for new releases and we have our hopes set on being able to get a Alpha/Beta invite.
I my self have a few Uplay points, that I still need to spend. Mostly i spend it on the 20% discount but i keep growing the amount of points which is good.

So my idea i simple People could spend a fixed amount on getting Aplha/Beta Access for games.

Ofcause too many people have points compared to the amount of beta keys you can give out.
The simple solution for this is a limited amount of keys on sale for a short amount of time.

Lets say a 1000 Keys in a 30 minute window.

You advertise this sales window, on your twitter/facebook or other public sites maybe an hour before it showing up on Uplay.

Just make sure you can only order 1 and it is bound to your account.

Potentially this would increase the amount of visits to your sites and could have a positive effect on the community as a way to actively try to get a key.

And if other people see this and would like this aswell or have other ideas feel free to post.