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    Stick sensibility and xbox controller icons?

    Hello, after a while fighting with this game to be able to run it smooth, with maxed graphics and no artifacts, i finally started the game on Windows 10 (yay!).

    I'm using a xbox one wireless controller, which seems to be detected automatically and works with the game, but the sensibility on the first person view/camera makes it unplayable since it's too damn high, is there a way to tweak this? Changing mouse sensibility on options does nothing.

    Also, even if you start the game with the controller, all the keys are displayed as if you were using mouse/keybard. Is there any way to replace those with xbox controller buttons (icons), even if third party?

    Since the X/Y inverted controls are annoying enough, i'd love to be able to fix the sensibility at least....
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    Sorry for the late reply. The game's original release on PC was ment to played with keyboard and mouse.

    You can either use software like Pinnacle, or Xpadder, they'll bind KB and Mouse controls to 360 pad and many others. Although, it won't change the icons on screen from keyboard to controller, that would need someone to make a mod. The software will even allow you to change sensitivity.
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