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    Jetpack on the Radio

    Thought I'd make a vid of the Jetpack. Been testing it out all week waiting for weekend when I can properly sink my efforts into it!


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    A Real Good Time

    Well I Love RocketSuits More Than Anything Now. Also If anyone wants to get together to get some cool shots hit me up on PS4: Dopepope420

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    My latest montage in the series. Featuring the Extreme Pack. Hope you'll like it :D

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    This made for a sweet clip in an upcoming edit I'm going to call "Ride-A-Longs". Using all footage when helping others film, type montage. Hope it works out well, won't be out for a bit though.
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    So I got into the Top 25 on the latest community challenge. Feeling good

    I hope you guys like the edit
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