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    the golden path

    In this mission you've to steal the gold from a templar. When I watch the trailer, I'm playing the mission exactly the same as the trailer. But I can't change the mission in 100%. How can I make it 100%?
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    Hey Julius,

    You need to find a templar highlighted in gold by eagle vision, then pickpocket or loot their corpse. The first time I played this mission, none of the enemies were highlighted in gold, so I restarted the checkpoint and he appeared!

    Not sure if that answered your question. Let us know if you need more help (maybe provide a link and timestamp to the trailer you mentioned).
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    Done. I've found the golden templar. Now it's 100%. Yahoo.

    You can help me with another problem; the helix glitch from WWI. The leap of faith doesn't pick it up. This is the only glitch left. How can I get this one?
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