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    PATCH NOTES: Cross-Play Patch – Changelist 35665

    First off, we’d like to thank you, our players, for all of the excellent feedback you’ve given us since launching on Oculus and PSVR. We are very pleased to announce that our team has been able to deliver on one of the most requested features – Eagle Flight now has Cross-Play functionality between Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, and the Vive version will join them when it is released on December 20th. This means that players on all platforms will be able to compete against each other and should make it easier for you to jump into fully-populated multiplayer games.

    Other fixes, updates and additions featured in this patch include:
    [ADDED] MULTIPLAYER – Regions are now collapsible, so regions with fewer players can be merged as needed
    [FIXED] GENERAL PC – Allow input and sound when Eagle Flight’s window is not in focus
    [FIXED] GENERAL PS4 – “Far Cry” trophy description now displays correctly
    [FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – Proper reconnection to servers in the event of network interruption
    [FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – SFX for flapping wings no longer loop between multiplayer matches
    [FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – Prey no longer occasionally plays ‘falling’ animation when on the ground
    [FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – Tweaked spawn distances
    [FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – Players can no longer switch teams in the final 10 seconds before a match begins
    [FIXED] SINGLE-PLAYER – Black falcon is now always vulnerable to player attacks in Mission 23
    [FIXED] SINGLE-PLAYER – Server disconnects will no longer result in the possibility of save game loss
    [FIXED] SINGLE-PLAYER – Improved handling of corrupted ghost data and leaderboards
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    Quick update: we've noticed that players who have an existing save game (so, basically anyone who has played Eagle Flight before) will have the Cross-Play setting switched off by default. That means that you'll need to go into your menu options and manually turn on the Cross-Play feature (as indicated in the screenshot below). We're looking into the possibility of pushing an additional, very tiny patch designed to ensure the Cross-Play feature is "on" but we do not yet know if this will be possible.

    Apologies for any confusion!!

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