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    this game gets to be as realistic as any game can get,Tom Clancy is my idol!
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    yeah, do you really think that anyone could just roll into a situation like that and not die (single player)? Highly doubtful.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rageman:
    Splinter Cell is not realistic. But it was amazingly good fun &lt;img src="/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif" width=16 height=16 border=0&gt; . Im not usually a big single player fan but im a big Tom Clancy fan as well as Jimmy Bond fan too so I was well impressed with Splinter Cell. But it aint realistic, real life spook work is far more mundane and usually involves bugging places using safer methods (firearms not usually required) (an example was when a building next door to the old Soviet Embassy was being renovated, a team used the cover as workmen and worked all night to drill a tiny hole into the Soviet Embassy wall to emplace a microphone). As for work in more hostile enviroments groups like the SAS and the Navy Seals perform CTR's (close target recces) to drop off intermediate recce equipment. The final nail in the realism coffin is the fact that the Department responsible for the Splinter Cell is the NSA, a group whose task is moniter electronic transmissions such as radio and radar as well as the telephone networks and the internet.

    So please enjoy the game for what it is, a challenging game with great atmosphere and cool gadgets, not for what you think it is. &lt;img src="/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif" width=16 height=16 border=0&gt;


    (PS im here from the other forums as I just got the email about PT, so far it looks really good, cant wait to suit up with a couple of mates and do some wet work)

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    Lol, Dude, gimme a break ;p This game is about a SUPER SECRET NSA branch that deals with the fifth freedom. We can't know about it. Just like Rainbow Six doesn't exist, we KNOW Splinter Cells don't exist, or Shadownet - the game is playing off the remote possibility that something like it COULD exist. Of course it's not realistic to what your standard NSA agent really does. That's why it's not called a Splinter Cell, not a standard NSA group.

    Almost nothing Tom Clancy writes is an actual event, but rather fictional events/organizations steeped in REAL WORLD mechanics so that the possibility of it being real is there. If yer gonna claim a game has some mentionable realism problem because the organization it deals with doesn't exist (for all we know, at least...), you may as well knock the game for the unrealistic wall backflip the shadownet spies do, the 4 foot tazers, the ability to hang upside down from a pipe for 20 minutes without fatigue, the ability to shrug off a hail of bullets, the ability to kill a man by jumping on them, the assault rifles that don't exist, the chaff and smoke grenades that slow people down, the proximity landmines, the battery based sticky shocker gun, the fact that people only sleep for 5 seconds, the inability to kill during an animation, ect ect ect.

    The game isn't going for ultra realism, it's called artistic liscence. If everyone had to worry about that, Mona Lisa might be drawn with imperfect teeth, Picasso or especially MC Esher would have drawn a bunch of photorealistic still-lifes, libraries would be flooded with biographies and little else.

    So the NSA doesn't really have Splinter Cells (officially). Ok, well an AT4 doesn't really look like it does in ghost recon. I'd also be highly surprised to see an international anti-terrorist agent bring a Mac 10 on a mission, as well for that matter.

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    Don't forget, a black dispatcher named LAMBERT!

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