View Poll Results: Come on, do you wanna be detected? Silent Running realy help?

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  • Yes, its very useful during submerged attack.s

    21 95.45%
  • No, there no use for it because attacking surfaced its very better.

    1 4.55%
  • What is Silent Running?

    0 0%
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    I am all for silent running.

    but it's not a cloak of invisibility and a pair on elven boots.
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    What's up with this poll anyway?
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    The important is Silent Running was a reality, and was an improvement to avoid to be detected and this must to be modelated..........

    In SH2 you have better results putting flank speed and go out of DDs scanning zone quickly............

    Silent Running and Termal layer shield must to be modelated as an improvement in detection avoidance.............

    Just an opinion..............


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    Yes, SR is really handy when sneaking away after an attack.


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    Remember that 'silent running' cannot be used when at periscope depth or depending upon the ocean state at depths above 60m (as the waves effects can still be felt at this depth).

    It really can only be used when deep.


    Teddy B¤r
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    Really, what is with this poll? If something exsisted (like SR) in normal operating procedures, then is should be simulated in this sim, hands down right?
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    I will opt for silent running ONLY if the Sub isnt equiped with a Bathyograph or however its pronounced...which is far better than silent running for many reasons.


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    A poll about silent running??? And the next poll is:
    Periscopes, do we need them?
    Yes, could be useful.
    No, it's was never used in reality.
    Periscopes? Isn't this a flight sim?

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