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    Same issue "Uplay has logged me off "for inactivity.

    Remember me is checked and yet it still forgets me. Is this a progression from releasing broken games, now you have moved on to breaking the client itself ?
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    Same issue here ... Remember me doesn't work.
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    Still the same after so long

    Your software is bad and you should feel bad
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    Seriously? Every piece of software with a login has a functioning 'remember me' checkbox. How is it possible that you guys can't figure this out? Every time I want to play watch dogs 2 I have to re login, then get my phone, then put in my 2nd factor. It's ****ing infuriating.
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    This is beyond annoying.
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    Same issue

    Its annoying enough to have to deal with several launchers, i just want steam, but this issue of getting signed out non stop is just so annoying im tempted to just uninstall uplay and stop playing watch dogs 2.
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    Every Day

    Every day, without fail, Uplay drops my connection and forgets who I am. Ironically, this STARTED November 25, the day they pushed the patch that was supposed to 'improve connectivity'.
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    Same annoying problem with 2 computers.

    Steam does remember login details when logging in from multiple computers. It does even keep all simultaneous sessions active when I am online on multiple computers(Okay that took them years to implement it). But why can't uPlay do that as well?
    Especially getting logged out and have to reenter the details makes people most upset beside having to install it at all(not speaking for my self here).
    Making uPlay user friendly should be top priority in development. In this area it really needs some improvements.
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    Okay, so I have had this problem too over the past.4 weeks or so, including 3 times in the last week. I have downloaded UPlay 27.0 with the last patch being December 15th. I expect this to be resolved ;-) It is as someone once said " It's ****ing infuriating."

    I log on from the SAME PC every day, from the same IP address (95% of the time unless I reconnect my Fritzbox!)
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    2 years later...

    same problem. Yeah, latest Uplay, just updated. Yesterday logged in, today it forgot all about me...

    So, anyone wondering if it's fixed after two years of last post in this thread - it's not.
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