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    Firecrest: talents need his damage increased by 10% to a total of 25% and fire duration increased by 2sec or more since when shooting on enemies fire stop his effect the enemies can move , heal , go to cover.
    Reclaimer : need fire ammo and explosive back since now they do the same thing NOTHING they don't burn they don't stagger.
    Nomad : Increase Nomad's resolve health a little since you don't see difference
    Hunter's Faith : Talent need a timed protections
    DeadEye : Remove initial bullet stability and set something else.

    that all i got for gear sets some weapon need some adjustement.

    The Showstopper : increase his damage on PvE the rest is good
    Centurion : Increase his damage
    Liberator : Add a 229 blueprint
    Valkyria : Add a 229 Blueprint
    Damascus : Add a 229 version by blueprints or a random drop
    Defiler : same as Damascus
    Military P416 : Add a blueprint
    EMT 416 : Create a 229 weapon and add him as a random drop , rewards and sold by vendor
    JTF 416 : Same as EMT 416
    Hazmat 416 : Same as JTF 416 and EMT416

    All named weapon need unique stats ( DMG is always the same at each drop etc...) because is very long to farm them with bad stats and when a update coming to farm again due to gear score changed or increased.
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    We need to be able to catch rogues more easily, and I miss the Banshee movement speed massively. Reducing rogues movement speed isn't the way to go but right now it seems only predator does this job. Can we get a set to do this in some way? Reclaimer perhaps to bring this back into the meta a bit.
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    gear sets

    I agree with most of the previous comments and concerns but would like to add that it would be a great addition to be able to RESET a re-calibrated gear piece for say 100k so it could be utilized after your update balancing. My other concern is the way the STABILITY and ACCURACY was nerfed in the 1.4, makes it very hard to judge weapons or even the gear sets when you have a hard time hitting anything with many of the weapons.
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