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    Strikers- Takes to long with the new TTK to land marks, you can destroy most things before it gets to a level of usefulness that makes it worth while ot have a 4 piece bonus, especially grouped
    Predators Mark- Same thing, targets die so fast now marking them for bleeds really is pointless, then you have issues with it not stacking with seeker mine clusters or people who already bled marked the target.
    Alphabridge- pretty balanced, but really generic, good decent middle road set when you cant (or wont) choose another gear set.
    Sentry/Hunters faith 3/3 combo= really cool, its just a tad generic since you get no full set bonuses what so ever. Only really sniper build in the game since the 4 peice of the 2 sets really don't make a huge difference anymore to choose just sentry's or hunters faith vs mixing them.

    The rest are pretty pointless, offer almost zero benefit to mix and match them up in hybrid builds and really offer nothing anymore that makes them stand out for 4 piece and 2 piece setups imop

    Final Measure was fine with the 3 second defuse ability, 15 seconds made it bleh -7 second would have been its pretty pointless

    Banshee took away a cool idea in Blind...I wont use banshee, I wont go to the dark zone again...ever..

    I'd like to see as a suggestion 5-6th piece bonuses return with gear set specific weapons. Also make those weapons have specialized "teal" attachments that give even greater bonus/mix-match capabilities. Liek a sniper rifle with a specialized thermal scope or an AR with a specialized RPM mag or something but they have to be paired with their correct teal weapon and gear set. They would need to also be PVE only, PVP will just call for them to be nerfed.
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    My opinion on the various gear sets:

    DeadEye - The 2 piece bonus of initial bullet stability is pointless. It's 4 piece bonus goes against every reason why you're using a marksman rifle (headshot damage). Why would anyone trade headshot damage for critical damage chance? I put on 4 pieces to try out the bonus and I went from averaging 150k-220k headshots down to 80k...100% critical chance is not worth it.

    Reclaimer - This was a decent set in 1.3, but it has performed so poorly for me in 1.4, that I've cleaned out my stash of all Reclaimer pieces, even god rolled pieces with max armor. Bring back support station healing speed.

    Tactician's - Never been worth wearing IMO.

    Alpha Bridge - It only really works for ARs, SMGs and LMGs IMO.

    Striker's - IMO, Striker's has been nerfed to the point of it not being competitive. Bring back the 20% armor damage, make the 3 piece bonus 20% damage to targets out of cover, and change the 4 piece bonus so that the bonus doesn't decay from not shooting.

    Sentry's Call - Needs to go back to being geared towards marksman rifles. As others have suggested, there aren't any gear sets made for snipers, and Sentry's Call 4 piece works well with the headshot bonus on marksman rifles. 2 piece bonus - 20% accuracy. 3 piece bonus - 10% headshot damage. 4 piece bonus - Sentry's Call (but instead of semi-auto only weapons, change this back to marksman rifles ONLY).

    Hunter's Faith - 2 piece bonus - 20% optimal range. 3 piece bonus - 10% weapon damage and/or 10% critical hit chance. 4 piece bonus - Hunter's Faith: Critical hit damage is increased 1% per meter from the target; damage cap of 50%. (pretty much get rid of the armor bonus and do crit damage instead).

    Predator's Mark - Buff the AR and SMG damage bonus.

    Nomad - Keep the 15% health on kill and constant healing. As others have pointed out, Recovery link can be used in place of the 4 piece Nomad bonus, so replace the auto-revive with armor/damage mitigation: Armor is increased per missing health segment: 5% for the first segment, 10% for the second missing segment. (similar to how the Unforgiving weapon talent works).

    Final Measure - Nerfed to the point of it being not competitive. I'd suggest keeping the 25% exotic damage resilience, replace protection from elites with 25% resistance to ALL status effects (bleed, blind/deaf, disrupt, shock, burn and disorient), and rework the timer on the 4 piece bonus.

    Firecrest - Works fine for me at the moment.

    Banshee - The 4 piece bonus needs reworked. 10% damage bonus for rogues needs to go. They've already got the upper hand in 90% of encounters anyway (shooting you in the back and camping checkpoints) and I'd increase the damage bonus for non-rogues to 15-20%.
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    Originally Posted by floschi Go to original post
    Being a PVE only player I can't answer this survey... there should be an option "no answer" at the PVP related questions.
    I'm a PVE-only player. I answered the survey. The option for "no answer" is to not answer. You can leave them blank.
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    I feel like Final Measure has been nerfed unnecessarily to 15s. 4s might have been a bit OP, but 15s was just a huge swing in the other direction. It was a set to consider in PvP, what with the potential to combine it with Smart Cover and Robust+Sturdy to prevent from being staggered out of cover or to protect your SC.

    There needs to be counter to counter gameplay. Protecting SCs involves pretty much either disrupting the enemy before they disrupt you, or nothing. Cos nothing stops EMP grenades.
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    too bad the maximum for least fun to play gs is 3. I had 6 down until i tried to finish the survey
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    Rework the frontline set and bring it out....
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    overall the 1.4 patch did great in terms of diversity compared to 1.3, so you have a lot of working combinations with matching the differnet sets & Gold Talents from non set gear.

    My complain is that most of the 4 pc. set special abilities are somewhat undesireable in a lot of cases or just plain boring.

    Reclaimer - great utility for grps as you can boost 30% dmg to elites in close to every ecounter, so it is very usefull and breathtakingly boring at the same time

    Strikers - the 2 and 3 set bonus are really good, the 4th is err well - with -2% per missed bullet and -1%/sec one wrong burst and the bonus is gone real quick, always fells like i am loosing dps because you have to take care not to miss a bullet, I would rather prefer if you changed the buff to be more alike to the new Tactictian buff, 15% extra dmg max, with 5 Sek on max and then a reset or something

    Tacticians - didnt had a chance for much group play so far, but the question isnt if the set was nerfed rather which skill is left to make support important atm

    Final measure - still very situational so not very desireable in the end

    personally atm, at least as long solo play is concerned, the only 4pc bonus which is really great is Alpha Bridge, just due to the fact as it opens a lot of possibilities.

    So for the future I would like to see 4pc boni which have a greater impact on playstyle, due to buffed or changed skills etc.
    Atm you use Alpha Bridge or you mix different sets for 2 or 3 pc bonus combinations, e.g 3 striker and 3 Hunters are much more effectiv as a 4pc striker build in almost all situations.
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    The game has improved overall and is more fun in PVE, if you start balancing for PK again without taking account PVE the game will be in trouble again.

    Make two balance trees to avoid conflicts between PVE and PK, PVE shouldn't suffer cause of changes made for PK.

    You'll be annoying both sides with each update, as you try to find middle ground instead of separating them.

    Much like the removal of status effects with exotic ammo (burning, stagger) that should have never affected the PVE side of the game (one of many examples).
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    As a solo player and being an average player, putting gear sets together is coincidental as it's all about what pieces combined give me the best armor score. If coincidentally I have 2 pieces of something equipped I'll try and make a set but usually the benefit does not outweigh maxed armor.
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    Actually why don't you get an armor Bonus for 4 or more pieces of a set?
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