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    I did try maximum about 50% of the guns only. What am I supposed on selecting at the others I didn't have a chance to try? I'm lacking most of the named ones and believe it or not, I did not get a single G36 or M44 dropped yet. I may have had some others dropped, but they had talents I was not looking for and comparison is only fair with somewhat compareable talents. So yeah, until a "have not tried" option is available I fear I can't honestly take part in the survey because until I got all the guns with compareable talents, and in addition have testet them thoroughly, the next 3 Patches have probably been deployed already.
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    Even with gun balancing for both PvE and PvP that I still find once people realize what is good for both just roll that gun or farm to get that gun with god rolls. I am already seeing people using LMG's over anything else in PvE as primary weapon but use AR when don't have one. I tried AR when patch 1.4 came out and it was fun to use but until use my LMG with right setup just blew using AR anymore mean dps from LMG's is just so high that no AR can manage. I mean almost destroy armor from mobs faster with LMG over AR's even with Enemy armor bonus on AR still feel LMG's remove it faster which honestly doesn't make sense. I tried my MK-17 AR which one I have has about 34% enemy armor damage and M249B LMG. The M249B remove armor faster than MK-17 because of rate of fire and huge magazine size. Don't get me wrong but it is nice that LMG are in good place right now as they should be for being heavy machine gun.

    It just feels like always once people just finding or realizing which gun type is better that all going to see in game in PvE and PVP so the diversity of guns is good right now but that going to change again to just one gun type that all people go after. Like other people said some of guns no even make sense right now cause do so little dps like Double-sawed off shotgun or and Magnum and few other guns also like ACR in AR's, few others.

    To me and my opinion is that be same as always that certain guns just be looked at over all other guns in the game cause they do excellent dps and damage awhile other just lack luster.
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    Perhaps it's too radical, but on the next pass of balancing, it could be interesting to mix the way weapons deal damage. For example, it's never made sense to me that the MP7 has Crit Damage. Real world the MP7 uses a 4.5mm high velocity armor piercing round, so surely it should do Enemy Armor Damage, like ARs. Likewise, the AK47 uses a 7.62 round. This should have higher base damage but less Enemy Armor Damage.

    It would be nice to see ARs that are lower on damage, be more stable, so you can mod for damage and vice versa.
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    - Weight weapons/armour pieces to drop from certain enemy types/missions/areas so we can target what we want.
    - Lower the drop ratio for 229. This works fine if we can target our farms like above, this is how an rpg works.
    - SMG's need to be firing faster than AR's so they're more viable to switch too close range for that burst dmg.
    - There has to be a legendary tier of loot that drops rarely. Not game breaking stuff, just unique with unique talents. Should include some appearance tems/skins in this tier too.
    - Bring back Heroic, the game is pathetically easy. We need a harder mode that drops some weps/gear/appearance items not available in lower difficulties. Those items shouldn't automatically overshadow lower difficulty level weps/gear, just something that makes doing Heroic worthwhile.
    - Named weapons are so poor for the most part. Make them more unique, a legendary rainbow coloured drop. Keep them at 229, power creeping is not the way.
    - Have the potential for rare enemy spawns within missions that either have unique items or a higher drop% on legendary class drops.
    - Random events on the world map should be implemented.
    - The Underground needs weps/gear that can't be obtained elsewhere, why did I buy this DLC!?? There is zero reason to go there anymore. I miss the challenging, tactical coop of 1.3. Even though I understand time to kill and enemy dmg was too high, there still needs to be a level of fear and trepidation, made for some very memorable firefights which now no longer exist in the game.

    - Sounds bugs galore, still.
    - Enemy AI is very frustrating, I spend most of my time RUNNING after the enemy, its so annoying. This doesn't make the game harder, or the foes more challenging. 1.3 AI was better, sad but true.

    I like what you've done with 1.4, its a step in the right direction. There has to be a harder difficulty with rewards not available outside of this though, its so, so, so easy now.

    The weapons feel much more balanced, many with pros and cons. I'm enjoying the AR's alot, Smg's feel like they need a small buff, nothing major. Snipers are obsolete due to the games difficulty being so low, without tougher and harder hitting foes they serve no purpose.
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    Well - as a **classic** player i wanna play the strongest weapons in a game - so some Weapon-Nerfs are pretty bad:

    X45 --> Nerf too high (i feel forced to use M9)

    M1A --> Nerf is too big (i feel forced to use M44 which makes more than the double of damage than M1A - what a foolish nerf of the M1A)

    Magazins and **Rate Of Fire** --> Nerfs are incomprehensible (i miss 30,3% Rate Of Fire on a MG, AR or Pistol)

    Colt 1911 (for example) is a great pistol and finally we got a **golden Small Laserpointer** --> but the rate of fire of this pistol is too low and the nerf of the rate of fire via magazines makes this weapon not useable for me - in fact i carry a pistol because of it's gearscore.

    So - golden small laserpointer --> garbage for me (and it don't fit via M9).

    By the way - even i know that the **Named Weapons** will be revised / remastered - currently the named weapons (because of the talents) are garbage and they are not worth to buy.

    In terms of the weapons i feel forced to use a few of them / i feel confined (i know these words are hard - but this is what i think).

    Weapon-Talents - there are too many of them ( to say it simple).
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