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    Tetris Ultimate Challenge Feed Inquiry

    Hey there,

    I've been playing this game for a long time now and I still am not receiving any challenges from my friends. I contacted Ubisoft for assistance on how to send a challenge, but they sent me here. My boyfriend plays the game and I also have a separate account for testing and still no challenges are showing up on any of our feeds. The only challenges I see are the ones for the badges and two really low marathon scores around 3k by me which is odd because I average over 500k in Marathon.

    Troubleshooting: Unfriended/refriended to see if that would work.

    I'm a black belt so I really don't want to delete any of my saved info.

    How do I get challenges/send challenges?
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    Hi yzarcbunny, welcome to the forums! We actually have a Tetris Ultimate specific forum here so I will move this thread there. Your chances of getting an answer are better that way. I will also leave a redirect from here on the General forum for a couple of weeks to widen your chances that someone with a solution sees the question.
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