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    HAWX 1 & 2 Online Play with TUNNGLE LAN Games Software Cleint!

    Hi guys,

    I know some of you like myself still enjoy a game or two but since HAWX servers are down many use TUNNGLE LAN Software.

    Tunngle Basic is 100% free!

    You will be able to play any game you like via Peer to Peer LAN which is better in my honest opinion.

    Tunngle Download Section:-

    Tunngle features more here:-

    Tunngle walkthrough here:-

    Tunngle Help and Support:-

    Tunngle Wiki:-

    YouTube Tutorials:-

    So see you in HAWX1 I keep flying it every now and then for some fun!
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    If anyone wants to hook up for online matches just send me a "Post Message" here in HAWX Forum then/or use the Tunngle Friends List to build a list on Tunngle.

    If your having problems launching HAWX try this.................... http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...UNCHER-Finally

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    Added you, Mate

    Hope to catch up with you on Uplay here, having my Tunngle installed just now! Contact me when you can 8)

    over 'n' out
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    Will this work for unlocking Uplay Coop action?
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    Originally Posted by mindkiller76 Go to original post
    Will this work for unlocking Uplay Coop action?
    I usually play HAWX 1 so Yes, It will continue to use point system and unlock aircraft and you can play Co-Op or Matches in all MAPS using Tunngle LAN Client.

    So Tunngle LAN Client is great for all other games like EA FIFA 15 so on.

    Here are some pictures to prove all works good click on this link - http://s1171.photobucket.com/user/picturebucket7/slideshow/HAWX

    I still play HAWX 1 & 2 since its still loaded on my PC and pretty good for what it is hope for a HAWX3 one day with more on offer.

    Well have fun.
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    How to add freinds using tunngle

    How to add friends using Tunngle explained.

    Picture -

    Tunngle Video Tutorial -

    Explained here - https://www.tunngle.net/community/to...ds-in-tunngle/

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