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    [PC] herky jerky graphix and a crash

    I noticed Rocksmith acting like garbage again. Graphics were stuttering.

    I went to Rocksmith Tools -> Options -> Advanced Display was crashing every time.

    I rolled back my AMD graphics driver from 17.05 to 17.04 and things work great again.

    Summary: in this AMD R580 transition period, we may be experiencing issues.
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    double post
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    I'm having zero luck getting Rocksmith 2014 Remastered on the PS4 to recognize my Blue Microphones Snowball as "a valid microphone" despite the platform itself having no problems with it. I've opened a case with support, but all they will tell me is that it's been referred back to the development teams and that I should watch the forums for any news. That doesn't actually solve it, though.

    I see from other threads here and elsewhere that this isn't an isolated problem, so is there a list somewhere of microphones that Rocksmith considers "valid" and a comparable list of microphones that it can't use?
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    >>You are pressing too hard on the string and or bending it out of pitch.
    I concur. I switch between bass and guitar and I have to be careful to not press too hard on the low E string (red) when playing 6 strings. It took me a while to figure that out. Lol.
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    The in game SHOP (PS3) is not working (working properly). The white R symbol with the cloud has the arrows constantly spinning around it in the arrangement section, none of the songs have artwork or preview sound, and every title starts with "Rocksmith 2014 - song title" constantly scrolling back and forth. None of the sort options seems to change anything, it barely scrolls up and down. It is pretty much useless.
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    Rocksmith was working fine, now it Crashes to desktop at Learn a Song mode always.


    I don't know if this bug has been addressed or not, but for some reason after the Windows 10 creators update, Rocksmith freezes and crashes to desktop every time I select Learn a Song mode. It does it only on this mode, the rest of the game is fine. I have a pretty top of the line PC:

    I7 6900K 8 core CPU
    EVGA X99 Motherboard
    Nvidia Titan X Pascal
    16gb GSkill 3200 DDR
    Sasmung EVO Pro SSD
    LG OLED 55" 4K TV
    Coolermaster Pro Keys L and Mistel Barrocco KB
    Logitech G900 mouse
    Logitech G13 game pad
    Razer Orb Chroma Gamepad
    Schiit Stack DAC/AMP combo
    Sennheiser HD650 headphones
    Sterling Sub series Bass guitar.

    I've tried disabling all background programs, switched drivers, gone into the config file and tried different settings. I don't know if this is the same bug as those who can't access their DLC and I tried the .dll file for that but it didn't work.

    This is a fairly new PC I built and the game was running great on it a few months ago. I go out of town for awhile, something updated I guess and now I get a crash to desktop every time on Learn a song mode.

    I'm usually good about finding bugs like this and getting them handled, but this one has me stumped.

    I can still play the game on my Laptop and Surface Pro 2 or PS4, so its not dire. But it's frustrating to have such an expensive desktop and everything works but Rocksmith.
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    Shop Titles All Start with Rocksmith

    Apologies if this has been addressed, but no matter how I sort them all the listings in the Shop begin with "Rocksmith tm" which makes it exceedingly tedious to scroll through because you have to wait for the sidescroll thing to kick in to see what youre looking at which means stopping every few songs. The console has been turned off and on numerous times. Also the audio samples in the Shop never work anymore. It was always a little hit or miss and had a load/lag issue but now they never play at all. Just the loading Rocksmith cloud image at the top. I can still purchase songs, the basic functionality is there just way less user friendly. Thank you to anyone who can help it's been like this for a few months.
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    I second this post. I have the same situation, I have not purchased any DLC in a while and when I returned to the shop I have the same experience as cbone239, the shop is simultaneously functioning and useless.
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    And strange enough. After a couple months of this happening, the very next time I visit the shop after posting the above comment it was back to normal with the alphabetical listings. No idea how or why but hopefully your issue will auto-resolve sooner rather than later.
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    Platform: PC/Steam
    Song: Where Is My Mind?
    Mode: Learn A Song, Score Attack
    Detailed Description Of The Issue: In the acoustic parts, in the chords E, C#m, G#, and B(also in the lead ), there is no strumming chord panels.
    What you were doing before this happen: nothing, i just started to learn the song and there's no strumming chord panels
    Any additional details: Well, there's a glitch not just for this song, in almost every rs1 import and rs1 DLC songs (rs2014 DLC are fine), that when you want at a maximum level at the first try, but the speed of the frets in the game doesn't goes up.

    So, if you can fix these problems, i would thank you a lot.
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