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    Can't log into Driver Club site.

    Is Driver Club finished or something? When I try to log into it to view my old videos from a few years ago, this box pops up when I click on the "Log In" button.

    Now it logged me in because I logged into these forums (all integrated and stuff), and I get this message when I click on the "Film Director Clips" menu.

    Edit: A moderator can move this thread if they wish. Posted in the wrong section, just found the Driver section after noticing the "more forums" link at the bottom of the forum homepage. They should really make it more noticeable.

    However the Driver section is completely dead, so maybe I'm much more likely to get a reply if the thread is over here.
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    Hi Street7890, how are you? We were experiencing some live services issues yesterday that have since been fixed. These might have effected functionality on your initial login and then trying to view the clips menu but it may be unrelated. I would go ahead and try again as the live services issues may have been corrected after you tried yesterday. If it still doesn't work then we know it wasn't related.

    If still having these issues you can try to reach Support for help on the Support Facebook and Twitter pages or by submitting a Support ticket for help:



    If they can't help on the Facebook and Twitter pages or you would rather not use those sites you can submit a Support ticket here, just enter a question in the "How can we help" box to get you started. If you don't see anything helpful in the results you can submit a ticket from there:


    I will move this thread to the Driver forum but since that board is slow these days I will also leave a redirect here on the general forum so that people can reach the thread at both locations.
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    Login problem and director clips error exist today.
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