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    I think generally all the sets are pretty boring. none of them change the way skills work or really interact with them. Look at sets in games like WoW: the class sets interact with skill on a meaningful level, they change the way they work or what place they have in rotations and whatnot. Sets in this game, excluding reclaimer, have no interaction with anything in the game besides shooting, which is pretty boring design
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    You said you have X build possible . Seems wrong for me . Except because player need GS to be not kicked in matchmacking , players plays your X builds -3 because :

    Hunter faith
    Nomad for PVE not in DZ

    Are really useless, with you don't give a chance or DPS for your team , and you are not a support , so all other build is better than this 4 builds

    5 Pieces for sentry and stricker , i don't like but why not, and why other build doesn't have a bonus for 5 or maybe 6 pieces like other RPG ?
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    In fact a if the the actual set items had fixed stats (disabled re calibration), this would allow to have DPS / tank / support "class" with some variations (together with a revamp of the bonus of course).
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    My Top 3 Gear Set Concepts (All Team-Based Bonuses)

    My top 3 gear set concepts each have the same basic feature in common - a team bonus that makes it desirable to have an agent running the set as part of a team.

    1. Sentry's Call: The 4 piece Sentry bonus is arguably the most important team bonus in the current version of the game. The fact that I can mark enemies for a 15%-45% damage bonus for our entire team has a profound influence on a team's ability to make things happen in the game. One agent running 4 piece Sentry and marking enemies for the damage bonus is often the difference for success vs. failure in the current game's most challenging content, such a farming the 4 horsemen on heroic.

    2. Tactician's Authority: The 4 piece Tactician bonus is nearly as important in team play as 4 piece Sentry. Having an agent who runs 4 piece Tactician on a team sets up the team to have a pulse and smart cover that is backed by 50,000+ base skill power - plus the 4 piece skill power bonus meter that fills due to the damage done by the entire team. Having an agent with 50,000+ skill power on the team constantly puts the team in position to have the substantial damage buff/damage protection that is generated from the constant use of pulse and smart cover. From my experience with the game, the difference between a decent team that struggles with the most challenging content (heroic incursions, heroic underground, level 35 enemies in the DZ) and a strong team that can handle the most challenging content is the team's ability to use the Tactician's damage buff/damage protection. The decent team tends to ignore smart cover - which inevitably leads to a team member falling and then dying - which then soon results in the team failing the challenging content. The strong team uses smart cover to its benefit, thus making the Tactician bonuses incredibly valuable.

    3. Reclaimer: The 4 piece Reclaimer bonus, while not as essential as Sentry or Tactician, also provides a great boost for team play. An agent who is running with 4 piece Reclaimer and is skilled at selecting which consumables to provide to the team (at strategic/appropriate times) is a great teammate. In addition to providing exotic damage or a damage bonus to elites, etc., the agent's teammates see almost constant visual evidence of the team member's contribution while the bonus is active. The challenge with Reclaimer is that agents do not always understand when and how to use the various consumable bonuses. An agent who is experienced with running Reclaimer (and also has reasonably high skill power for a shorter cooldown period) makes the game fun for the entire team.

    For me, the "ultimate" mix of gear sets on a team is two agents running 4 or 5 piece Sentry, one agent running Tactician and one agent running Reclaimer. Having two agents generating 15%-45% team damage bonuses in conjunction with a pulse and smart cover backed by +50,000 skill power and a skilled Reclaimer providing explosive bullets or water truly allows each team member to make a substantial contribution to what we are trying to do in the game. While this powerful mix of teammates can make certain parts of the game "too easy" (such as the daily and weekly HVTs), the team is still challenged in heroic incursions, heroic underground and in battles against tough level 35 bosses in DZ supply drops and DZ 05/06.

    Moving forward, my hope for the 1.4 update is that you step back and rethink some of the bonuses for the other gear sets. If some (or even all) of the 4 piece bonuses for the other gear sets offered other interesting and useful team bonuses, these gear sets would be used much more often. I can expand on ideas for additional 4-piece gear set team bonuses for the currently less popular gear sets if this is something that you want more feedback on in the coming weeks.
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    Final mesure in a very different way would be epic but the idea of having someone defusing stuff being an engineer would be great if done correctly.
    Alpha brige mechanic is good in the way it gives you weapons additionnal abilities. I also like the idea to have only one main weapon, i think part of the issue is having two weapons allowing player to have no counter part of building stats one way or another (ex: sniper/smg etc). Above that it makes the pistols useless.
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    1. Alpha Bridge - Allows for really interesting builds orientated around weapon talent combo's.
    2. Tactician - Because the perk is squad focused, although over powered ATM.
    3. Nomad - Because its useful for solo players, although under powered IMO.

    EDIT:- Predators Mark only just missed out as i like the concept behind it..
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    Lonestar from its name should be better 3 piece 1000 dmg to any weapon 5 piece extra dmg out of cover against enemies stackable with lmg.

    Nomad just max out scavenging on 2 piece or change it to something useful like dmg reduction by 20 or 30 percent 3 piece 20% heal in cover every 10 or 15 seconds 5 piece perk dmg intake cut or extra toughness plus 50,000 or 100,000

    Predator just bump up the bleed dmg already a nice 5 piece bonus would be on last health bar dmg output increased. If they go to 6 piece then add extra dmg on smg/lmg by 800 to 1000.

    Firecrest 4 piece sucks change it to the predator set up but with a cool down that last as long as reclaimer . 5 piece extra dmg reduction from fire in general .

    This is a idea but one suit based purely on speed 2 piece quick reload 3 piece 20% extra speed 4 piece all stats cool down/regen by 40%. 20% goes towards the team as for a 5 piece i have no idea .
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    I had fun with the gear sets but to be honest, when they were added to the game about when things started to devolve in the game so I have a love/hate view on them. Many of the balance issues spiraled out of control as the gear sets added yet more possible variations of the game in loot and the meta was born.
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    While I did not choose my favorites to use I believe I did choose the most mechanically interesting. However I must say that while I chose Final Measure it definitely needs that 4 piece re-design. Maybe make the cool down take longer or allow it to be refreshed instead of being forced to wait for it to run out.
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    I chose Tactician, Hunter's Faith and Reclaimer. Tactician because your skill power relies on your group's ability to deal damage, it's not a "I can do it all alone" set bonus. The Hunter's Faith set is interesting because it requires you to play a certain way and to respect certain situations. Reclaimer because it values greatly consumables, which are not that easy to find in OW/Incursions/UG, ecc... and is useful when the party cooperates.
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