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    Striker’s Battlegear: still bugged AF

    Path of the Nomad: trash as Intended

    Tactician’s Authority: the useless team member buffing skills for the team and trying to one shot with the childish BFB

    Sentry’s Call: why using a rifle when your 30 rounds pistol is a better marker?

    B.L.I.N.D.: PvE only I don't care

    Final Measure: Clear Sky

    AlphaBridge: cause 204 chc smgs are not cancer enough

    Predator’s Mark: why using it when the devs allows Harmful on pistols? why when bleed is active NPCs are able to run while players not?

    Hunter’s Faith: hunter faith, oh you must be a glass cannon. bye

    Lone Star: HVTs

    Reclaimer: CANCER

    DeadEYE: M1A was OP? let's create a set that make the oroginal M1A 2 times OP

    Firecrest: useful like the inventive talent
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    1) Reclaimer
    2) Alphabridge with Caduceus
    3) Sentry Call

    All 3 sets enhance the gameplay experience for a squad.
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    I voted for 4 sets (EDIT: well, I voted for 3, but here I'm "voting" for 4 cause I can ) and here's my reasoning:

    Striker’s Battlegear: Consecutive hits deal more damage - This one basically requires you to have really good aim or at least a weapon with relatively low recoil because when you start missing shots, you'll loose your bonus. Interesting idea IMO.

    Sentry’s Call: Headshot to mark targets and increase group damage on these targets - This one converts a sniper from a "lone wolf" who tries to kill certain enemies while others are killing someone else into a more integral part of the team who can help a lot by marking priority targets to make the rest of the team's life easier. It does require great accuracy, though, but that's what you should have if you want to be the sniper.

    AlphaBridge: Combine talents of Primary and Secondary weapons - I like the concept of this because with this set you can become extremely powerful, but as a downside, you're no longer versatile. if you go with a shotgun, that's it, no more sniping at range. Yes, you can still use your sidearm in some situations, but basically you're committing to one main weapon type and that's it.

    DeadEYE: Guaranteed critical hits when the weapon is not scoped, headshot damage bonus is removed - It may seem like a joke... like a "bad sniper" set - you can't hit the head at all so we'll give you crits for bodyshots so at least you'll be able to do some damage. However, since we have rifles such as the SVD which are great for fast shots at mid range, it's an interesting idea.

    Now, FWIW, here's my opinion on some of the other sets and why I don't like the idea behind them:

    - Path of the Nomad - if you're going to die a lot, you should either really reconsider your playstyle or get better gear, I don't think getting a set that will give you a "second chance" is the right solution.
    - B.L.I.N.D. - this one seems useless to me because it heavily relies on things you can't really control which is - enemy position. Only if enemies happen to be close enough, you'd get some use out of it, but again - you just don't have much control over this so it's basically a luck-based perk.
    - Hunter’s Faith - the bigger the distance, the higher the extra armor you get from this set, right? Well... why would you need so much armor if your enemy is half a mile away from you? And if there are lots of enemies close to you, will you really try to solve this situation by trying to hit the enemies that are farther away?
    - Firecrest - sounds to me almost like B.L.I.N.D. that is - it relies on things that are partially beyond your control. The enemy must be close to an exploding object or you need to rely on having incendiary grenades. Sounds like too many variables required for a reward that may not even be worth it.
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    Conceptually my - by far - all time favorite set is Predator's Mark. So much that I have selected only this option in the poll.

    I would love so much to utilize it as primary set but I gave up on it even before I stopped playing the game. It takes forever to actually do something and it's just not fun. But I was always drawn back to it, for some reason. Cannot quite put my finger on it, but I always had the feeling that it's so close yet so far of being fun and truly powerful.

    I believe Massive should be aware of bias when phrasing the poll question in this way. I can see a lot of answers who are ignoring the "regardless of their actual power and stats" part of the question and also who are under the heavy influence of what's currently strong in the game.
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    Originally Posted by VarHyid Go to original post
    I think they're basically asking which sets give you the most interesting perks. As in... do you think it's an interesting concept to have a set that will revive you upon death like the "Path of the Nomad" does or do you think that the concept of unlocking combined talents from 2 weapons if they're the same type (like in "AlphaBrigde") is interesting.

    In other words, when you first read about the gear set perks, when did you think: "Hmm, that's an interesting idea"?
    Yup basically that is what it is as Yannick answered that question on Twitter.

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    Originally Posted by BigDecks Go to original post
    What does mechanically interesting mean?
    The question and the poll should be slightly rephrased and be made more verbose, so we get a better understanding what this means and can can comprehend what the survey is used for.
    Shall those gearsets that are not "mechanically interesting" be redesigned? Or removed/replaced with something else? Shall those that are "mechanically interesting" but unused by the majority be buffed or improved?

    FWIW, those where I find the 4pc bonus mechanically interesting are Hunter's Faith, Final Measure and for the third one can't really decide between Predator's Mark or Lone Star. Although Predator's Mark is not that much interesting, as probably everybody goes for consecutive hits on one target until that is down, so you simply get a free bonus but no different playstyle is incentivized.
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    This is one of the major areas of discord within the game. You either have gear sets that are too OP like Reclaimer and Sentry or you have garbage gear sets that nobody wants like Nomad, Blind or Firecrest. The bonuses on gearsets are terrible and often times worse than some of the stat rolls for major and minor attributes. Gearsets should be items that elevate you above and beyond the normal gear. You should not be combining yellow garbage gear because it has an OP roll like Savage or Reckless.

    1. Gearsets need to change and bring balance to the game. Remove non essential stats like bonus money, Scavenging, and XP gains. They do no good in the end game or even in the regular game to be honest.

    2. Remove Gear score from the gear and make the gear progressive. Allow it to be leveled instead of just giving gear at the highest tier.

    3. Rework all of the gearsets to have useful perks and bonuses that would separate the gear sets from each other. Example: Gun Brothers Gaming has a lot of videos reworking the gearsets into useful perks and bonuses that are useful for building classes.

    4. Make bonuses only for 3, 4, and 5 pieces to avoid creating meta builds that are OP and to keep it consistent.

    5. If Gearsets can't be reworked they need to be discontinued in liu of newer more powerful sets that go with the end game and are appropriate.

    6. Weapons should be included in gearsets and give perks to using specific guns with the gearset.

    7. No Gearset perks should not be used in PVP. If you can't be connected to The Division then Division tech shouldn't work.

    8. Make Gearsets that are specific for the Darkzone.

    9. Make Gearsets and builds savable.

    10. Make the gearsets do what they actually say the bonus is.

    11. Make Gearsets look unique. Right now everything looks the same.

    12. Give bonuses for creating combo gear sets. This will force people to use certain gearsets together to make better gear set builds. Like taking Dead-eye and Hunters Faith and giving a better bonus for creating these two gear sets. Make it secret too so people will discover this naturally.

    13. Make Firearms, Stamina and Electronics base stats on all set pieces and rework the way these are calculated.

    14. Remove Armor and make armor bonuses standardized across the board.

    15. Make Gearset drops spread out across different events.

    16. Rework gearsets to cater to a players playstyle instead of giving random bonuses that are meaningless.
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    Gear set have become a key element not only because of the 4x bonus, but also because you have better main stats and 2x, 3x (5x) bonus.

    So far I'm not impressed by the "bonus" given. It seems way too complicated for what it does and palliative for lack of skill variety.

    But I quite like Alpha bridge 4x for a DPS oriented character, Tactician 4x for a balanced build with some teamplay support and Sentry 4x also for teamplay
    About sentry, I mean even if sentry bonus was only 10% and if the bonus only applied to ally damages I would like to play it "mark the target".

    Reclaimer is not that good because basically it lead underused consummables to becomes OP
    -> I would rather have just an additionnal skill slot (i.e. support) and consummable vendor at BoO

    Final measure is neither a full grenadier nor a tank
    -> I would rather have further immunity and EDR and explosive damage increase (i.e. tank / aggro / AoE)

    Nomad "second wind" is not consistent with NPC grenade spam / shotgun / flamers
    -> I would rather have had a buff for signature skill duration (survivor link ...)

    Striker fail as a sustain DPS (lose bonus due to weapon spread if you aim for the head), it's just good for console when you can't aim for the head
    -> I would rather have less DMG bonus increase but also less penalty when "missing". or change 2x and 3x bonus to stability bonus and accuracy bonus...

    Predator mark is bad for a debuff, not good for a DPS and feel redundant with Striker
    -> make it a real debuff set made to kill the boss faster.

    Lonestar 4x is basically just a reload speed bonus but in a more complicated way
    -> no need for it. really. it feels like a failed prototype for alphabridge. change it to "critical hit don't consumme ammo" with the actual CHC cap it could be fun.
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    Hello !

    If we take into account only the 4 pieces bonus :
    - Alpha Bridge : Awesome set. Allows creativity, give purpose to niche weapons. Very good design.
    - Final Mesure : Gives to the player some unique gameplay mechanic, allowing for some special things to be done. However, right now, the set is not very well balanced (can't keep it up against the rain of grenades of NPCs or mortars, have to put yourself in danger to use it, grenade damage unreliable and NPCs dodging)
    - FireCrest / B.L.I.N.D. : Very interesting mechanic for both sets, but current state of game and implementation make them useless (kill skills are a bane in cooperative games, FireCrest is completly useless because of Reclaimer, B.L.I.N.D. because the NPCs doge the grenade half the time, and are too far to be impacted the other half)

    Honorary mention 1 : Nomad. Interesting in it's concept, useless with the current state of the game because of the ridiculously low TTK of players (by other players & NPCs) & too long recharge rate.
    Honorary mention 2 : Reclaimer. At last made consumables usable on a regular basis. But completly broken in the current state of the game, and only providing stat boots in the end, so not very interesting.

    All the other sets are just more or less direct stats boosts, thus not very interesting.
    Players pick the most powerful that siuts their current need, and voilà.
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    Alpha Bridge and Reclaimer - Best Mechanic

    Personally, I think the Alpha Bridge mechanic is a very interesting one, creating a "super weapon" at the cost of flexibility and ammunition use. I've also enjoyed being part of a group where one member has been running Reclaimer, as it has a very interesting support mechanic. It doesn't proc enough to be overpowered, but still is fun when it does kick in.
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