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    This is my idea to defeat the Grieving problem that rogues groups are causing.

    Since movement speed can't be increased on consoles, the problem with everyone thinking is that players that go rouge never go into cover for fear of being overwhelm. that way of thinking has to change some how so for that reason.

    Suggestion #1

    Banshee show be as its name sake. When attack by rogue agents Actives affect that Distortion effect pulse, this effect will disable all rogue agent abilities for 25 sec. secondary Effect will include reduce Turning radius for the same duration this affect can only be counter only but taking cover for more 10 secs.

    This set bonus will change the way rouges attack solo and group players.

    Suggestion #2

    Generally same as the first Effect but instead of rouge agents it effects all agents Near by all agents, Reduce turning radius speed, Disable roll for 15s this effect stacks 3 times against rouge agents.
    Also Removeable if taking cover over 8 seconds.
    This idea is to get rid of the ridiculous long winded bullet sponge fight and get back to more tactical way of fighting using proper ambush with the use of Cover to cover that hardcore players never use .

    These idea in part was a reflection of 1.3 content.

    In short the idea is to not to take away from rogues but make it so Rogues have higher risk of being taken down if effect by distortion more than once.
    While this might not sound attractive at first look. There is a cause and effect that would change combat in pvp.

    With one person Equip with this 4th set bonus could Effect lower skilled rouges and and deter targeting fellow agents. In a 1v1 situation taking away turning radius would give the fleeing agent more time to react to the turn and devise counter attack.

    With one person Equip with this 4th set bonus in a 1v2-4 would cause the stacking effect meaning the more rouges that target" non rouge" the effect would get worse faster.
    True 1v4 will ultimately kill the non rouge but the effect of shooting will will resided long enough to for others to fight rouges who can't isaac's skills.

    This will change the meta slightly as player who enjoy pvp will have to use weapons Range more than face blasting without repercussion.
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    You could improve gear sets by expanding their talents where players can truly invest into a gear set and then play the game to unlock the ability to use certain gear-set talents.

    Currently players can't invest in a gear set because gear sets have become trivialised. With 3 2 1 combinations for example players are only after the talents instead of what the gear set can bring to the player as a playing style. In some respect this is what 4 piece bonus does, and this is where I suggest you could expand player involvement.

    The Banchee set is a typical example, instead of creating a highly situational set, rather create a theme and allow players to invest time in building the set in the areas in which they'll find the set most useful to them. Move away from providing an end result to us and move towards giving us tools with which to be creative in our game play. Give us a stream, fishing pole and hooks, instead of a single type of fish.
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    I understand making a gear set for the dark zone that is a good conecpt, but man i hate the 2pc bonus, DZ funds doesn't mean much, the 10% out of cover makes sense, the last one is only useful for DZ, i really hope you can make something good for people out of the dark zone similar to the old blind, a debuff gear that doesn't rely on skills like firecrest, just making the old 4 pc be something that only affects PvP make it a PvP only gear set that will be the meta on darkzone and create a problem there
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