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    This 3 are my favorites:

    1- Sentry's Call: I like the concept but i think is badly implemented. It should only be able to stack the buff with markman rifle. Removing automatic weapons to stack damgage was a correct move, but in my opinion it was not still the definitive move. The concept is good because, like the game is cover and cooperative shooter, with Sentry you are giving benefits to all in your squad. The role could be offensive support... Like warlocks/hunters in MMOs that put debuffs on enemies.

    2- Alpha Bridge: The idea i perceive from this set is this set should have been the pure dps gear set of the game that everyone who want to be in the rol of the dps of the squad should use. The 6 weapon bonus makes me thing that way. That set bonus give you a lot of freedom in weapon choice.

    3 Reclaimer You don't have much to sayabout this gear set, the idea is great... is the pure supporting gear set of the game, but in current state is too op. Role like support and healer in MMOs.

    The 4th one i like is Striker Battlegear, i think this gear set should have been the tanking gear... But as right now this game has no aggro table, so you cannot have a real tank gear set... If devs adds an aggro table, threat, and make Ballistic Shield viable, like giving more threat/aggro if you are using the shield and increasing the durability, on that i think the Striker 4 set bonus will sinergy very well with threat building.
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    I really don't think the issue is gear sets in pve whether they are broken or OP... the issue is gearsets in relation to PvP...

    Since I don't see a topic to post this on I will post it here...

    The gearsets are fine the way they are in pve however if there was a change that could be made to really bring more balance to the Darkzone and with a good storyline that makes a ton of sense I would make it so that the 4th gearset talent could not be used when firing on another division agent whether rogue or not. The storyline for this is very easy... division tech or shade tech can not be used against our own. If you where the orange watch or the orange ring it make you immune to that 4th talent.

    This would really bring more balance in the Darkzone as far as gear sets are concerned. Also the gold level gear should be at the top gear level as well. Initially when talking about gearsets it was said that gearsets would not give you more stat rolls but you would have a unique set of talents when equipping gearsets and were suppose to make it a hard choice between stacking rolls or having lesser stats with a unique ability. But with gearsets at 268 and gold gear at 229, it's not a hard choice at all.

    I'm fine with the gearsets how they are right now ... some need to be reworked for pve, but nerfing should be the go to ... the other gearsets need to be buffed for pve ... the 4th gear talent rendered useless in pvp ... and gold level gear brought on par to the highest gear score. Give us a hard choice on whether we wear the gearset or have a viable option to really customize our build with gold level gear.

    Thanks for listening, I think it's amazing the community now has a voice with this game ... let's make it great again!
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    I should not have deleted my epic post from the last survey. I'll give my short opinion on the sets now that I have "collected them all" to at least the 4 piece set, I'll stick with just PvE experience because that is mostly what I know.

    Striker - great individual set. Needs to move back to 4 piece. More hits, more damage. Simple.

    Nomad - Did not function the 1st time. Functioned the 2nd time at a separate playtime. It needs to be a "leveling" set that moves with you through the game, not 30+. The revive needs a short timer since it is suppose to forgive a "screw up"/ perish. 10 minutes is way too long. If it was suppose to be a DZ set, it fails at it.

    Tactician - I never "feel" it works better when solo. It's a group gear set and always hits 100% easily. I never get the ramp up.

    Sentry's Call - or as everyone calls it "ruining PVP". It works well with a SASG-12 or M870 and a non-bolt sniper rifle. Move back to 4 piece.

    Hunter's Faith - like the idea of a "temp armor" but it is terrible in performance because it was not a forgive a "screw up". Was it suppose to be a "pop-up and shoot" style of sniper set? I remember it was to bring in a "different type of way to play" but the play needs to slow way down for this style to work, I'm guessing? This could be another "leveling set" but it's more throw it away.

    Final Measure - love the idea of defusing grenades. I got it work easily when it arrived. Landing a grenade hit is extremely difficult with npcs nowadays. They auto-roll away most of the time. Instead, the defuse should "catch" the explosive, "drop it" for the player or group so that it can be picked up and used against the npcs. This would include gas grenades the cleaners use. Also, the 4 piece should grant a larger amount of carrying grenades with longer reach/higher/farther arch. Like, how do bosses in the DZ throw so damn far and accurate but the player can't?

    Predator's Mark - good idea. Does what it does. Maybe needs to "bleed" quicker or "deeper" because it sometimes almost kills the npc but that last sliver of life bar keeps 'em going.

    Lone Star - as much ish as it gets for being THE HVT set, it is 100% bonus ammo and instant reload. I am loving it right now with a 4 piece LS, and 2 piece striker or reckless chest/savage gloves and my RPK-74M.

    B.L.I.N.D. - this one is so, so irritating. The rushers are always the first to pop and the cooldown isn't complete until the rest of the npcs arrive. The only way this works is if there is a funnel, but usually there is not. 4 piece is a waste, 2 piece works fine. 3 piece not so much because it only defeats flashbang affect which most often can be avoided. Also, the issue of the flashbang effect NOT affecting the npcs nearby the one that pops.

    FireCrest - too situational for 4 piece. 3 piece reload works almost as well as Lone Star 4 piece.

    Reclaimer - PC players need that consumable wheel option like console players do. I forget which buttons I set my consumables to. In the middle of a fight, I don't want to think about it. It's THE "healer" set. Okay.

    DeadEye -fun with a SVD but not much else.

    AlphaBridge - I love playing around with this set. It needs the 100% + ammo like LS because you chew through so much, so fast. Problem is when I have to recalibrate set pieces and cram mods in my gear to make it 100% work. Another "survival in the DZ" set? Not quite. You don't have the revive like Nomad, so do you have a speed boost? A "tanky" feel? How is this the "DZ survival" set for solo players like Nomad was suppose to be?
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    I think every Gear Set special bonus should be counterable by another one. We got final measure 2pc bonus because of the tactician sticky bombers.
    What the counter to a reclamier?
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    They all have interesting mechanics, but they all suffer on how their idea is actually implemented in-game. I regard Gear Sets as an approach to Player Classes (Medic, Engineer, Support, DPS, etc..), and the total number of Gear Sets (13 ATM) should provide a way to experiment and explore different styles of strategy and tactics. So far so good.

    HOWEVER, there are several problems with them:

    1) The loot drop rate and the loot drop locations do not favor trully exploring the GS potential, because I need vast amounts of play-time plus playing a little bit of everything (even if I hate playing specific missions) in order to collect them all.

    ATM you kind of flow with what the game and RNG drops to you, instead of making experiments. I'm at ~600 hours and still have some missing (268GS) pieces that prevent me from trying all sets.
    Why I cannot buy them at vendors? Why there are no blueprints for them?

    2) All Gear Sets should be equally strong. So OK, after so many agonizing hours in the DZ, I can experiment with the Nomad Set, but for what? It's useless ...

    BLIND is another dissapointment. Reading its description makes you think about stealthy game play and clever/surprising tactics. However, the flash grenade effect does not live up to its expectations (no one is actually blinded by nothing plus where is that rifle that would supposedly complete the set?).

    3) In the end, there is little room for customization. i.e. you cannot go with an aggressive DPS-oriented Reclaimer setup because with all these caps and limitations and according to the Gods-of-Reddit-and-Youtube, the most optimized way to run it is at ~40k SkillPower, so that's another support build.

    I miss the days when you could do "crazy" things with gear, like for example mix 3Striker and 3Sentry. Right now, there are specific guidelines on what to do with each gear piece ...
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    Sentry, Striker, Dead Eye and for the support class Reclaimer/tactician

    If ANY set doesnt have some sort of crit/dmg/chance buff then it is obsolete by default for the solo player.
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    What constitutes a well-crafted Gear Set design plus a wish list

    What constitutes a well-crafted Gear Set design:

    1. Needs to contribute to groups overall effectiveness
    2. Needs to be challenging to put together
    3. Needs to work well with two other kinds of pieces if a 4 set. In other words, each additional piece needs to contribute to the effectiveness of the main set pieces
    4. Needs to look pretty cool
    5. Needs to have give bonuses that are not attainable by another set
    6. Needs to be adequate for solo play

    Wish list:
    1. A Stealth addition to the Nomad set that will not aggro npcs but is only active when not shooting or interacting with the environment
    2. A Theif/Assasin Set that grants faster interaction with supply drops, a faster run speed, and the ability to backstab players/npcs in cover
    3. A Medic Set that grants faster revives, unlimited med kits, an upgraded immunizer/heal box, and stim boosts for teammates
    4. An Engineer Set that can take over enemy deployments, repair team deployments, and extend the duration (and effectiveness?) of team deployments
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    High Ends should be the Highest

    Since this is a cover based looter mass damage should be taken when out of cover. OP gear sets only reduce strategy and make it a run and gun game in PVP. Therefore don't allow gear sets in the DZ.

    As for GearSets they should be the gear above purples.High End should be the highest in the game. I also believe that the talent of high ends could synergize when all 5 pieces are linked for a special talent.

    Gearsets should be used for squad tactics and High end used for the DZ and or Solo Play
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    My 3 favorite sets are :

    1. Reclaimer : love the support role and keeping everyone stocked with either explosive or flammable bullets or just the boss boost damage.
    2. Blind : love the mechanics of the set but only run it on hard as its useless on anything higher in difficulty due to the large TTK and other sets having a bigger dps effect or utilization.
    3. Final Measure Build : love the catch and release gameplay, hot potato or running behind players and keeping them safe from grenadiers.

    Only problem i have is with some of the sets, are they work well on lower difficulties but on challenging or heroic they are time wasters as TTK is so high on the harder difficulties so they dont proc as often or are as much fun.

    New sets should make the game better without needing to nerf any of the existing builds. Nothing makes players more angry then spending a lot of time customizing then you nerf what they were trying to achieve like ive spent hours trying to get the full alpha set with a caduceus and only just got it on the weekend so please dont nerf the alpha set before i can complete it.

    I think the idea of sets ( mechanics ) need to compliment the unique skills like making turrets invulnerable to hacks or getting the remote controlled cars like the cleaners in dragons nest. Look at the game mechanics and how people play the game and make sets that reflect the gameplay. Another unique skill could be to dual wield pistols like Desperado Mexican stand off style or using the blast shield viable. Look at the skills no one is using and make them more attractive or user friendly to keep things interesting. A massive boost to melee hits so you can flank an enemy and one or two hit em with a melee shot if attacked undetected like an assassin or ninja set.
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