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    Well honestly ,
    *) First aid
    *) Pulse and
    *) Smart cover are the most commonly used skills in game and mainly from all that the "Survival Link"

    In pve for different tactics we kinda start using seeker mine,support station,shield etc..But nop,no can do these in pvp (in current situation).
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    Originally Posted by Ayyronio Go to original post
    First of all; just want to reiterate that I think Massive is doing a great job of trying to make changes for the betterment of the game/community.

    Mainly play solo so I use Tactical Scanner and Overdose (early on I used Turret and Sticky Bomb -used to be in the top 10 Skill Kills).
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    This survey is terrible ... You already know with the amount of data you probably already collected wich skill are usefull or not. The real question is "wich skill should we keep" ?
    I think it's not a difficult question to answer , you should remove all of them.
    Most of the skills are useless or just break the game , for exemple mobile cover is totally useless and it's only use it glitching the game ( i am amazed it's still in the game ), then you look at First Aid , yes this skill is very usefull and everyone use it but it's breaking the balance of the game and the diversity of builds.

    If you want to change skills you need to ask better questions like " what are skills for and why are they in the game , do you want everyone to be a healer with first aid and a tank with the special ability ?

    Btw i apologize for my broken english , i am not a native speaker.
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    In the survey I responded I use Pulse, Smart Cover, and Overdose just like everyone else, but I wish this wasn't the case. Unfortunately, "end game" requires you to use these skills to be successful. I would love to see a solution for skills where everyone wouldn't have to run heal. Either some way to have a "healer" who could heal everyone in a group, or some other reliable method of staying alive. I would love to use Ballistic shield, but until you can actually be a "tank" in this game there is very little point. If you are looking to simplify the skill selections I think Mobile Cover should just get the axe. I feel it has limited usability, and has been problematic from a design standpoint. Thanks for the effort you guys are putting in to fix the game!
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    Originally Posted by Sgt.Arbalest Go to original post
    The problem is there are only 2 skill that mitigate damage, smart cover and survival link. Because the npc hit so hard, we left no choice but to use this 2 skill.
    True to this, fix the rest of the game and some of these might be used more often.
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    I really wish there had been a column for " I would like to use it but it is woefully underpowered". I want to run with Sticky Bomb and Seeker Mine but I can't because I have to use Pulse and Smart cover just to survive.
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    The problem with this survey that it may tell you that people don't use certain skill but won't tell you why, also it will tell you that people find some skills a must have but also don't tell you why.

    Lets see a few examples:
    -Pulse Recon Pack it's pretty much useless since the loot containers aren't really hidden and we need the pulse to increase our damage output via crit chance and crit damage with the tactical scanner or hide from other players within the DZ via the scrambler.
    -Sticky bomb (BFB), every griefers 1st choice. Excelent for griefing weaker players since its damage remains the same within blast radius and easy to max out but equally crap against mobs because the veterans and elites has millions of Armor/HP. The flashbang variant has only moderate use against NPCs or players. Its damage has to be tuned to be useful against NPCs but cannot be used as an "I Win!" button against players (like the damage should be decreased against players also the damage should decrease from the center).
    -The turrets has a very limited use in PVE because the mobs will destroy them under a blink of the eye and in PVP you will only need the zapper.
    Survival link is a must have for PVP or PVE otherwise you are dead within seconds in a hairy situation let it be that against players or mobs. Same goes for smart cover and immunizer which are essential for the CM/Heroic incursions and you cannot survive without them and this eliminates the tactical part from a tactical shooter because you are forced into a 1 dimensional tactic. Mobile cover and ballistic shield is pretty much useless since the mobs are doing insane damage and they will destroy it in short order. The ballistic would be much more interesting -in game mechanic sense- if they would be similar to the LMB gunner's (the one which carries the impenetrable tactical shield), indestructible from front (except the view port on the top) but would provide no bonuses and would also nullify the sentry set bonus and would slow you down to a crawl while deployed and somewhat when the skill is equipped also the mobs would be more likely to aggro you. Also a turret variant would be useful which destroys incoming grenades in a certain area (like in BF4 the MP-APS). Also why isn't there a skill which lets you hack enemy turrets/seeker mines/drones because the LMB agents are damn annoying that you cannot use any of those because they will hack it in seconds and send it back to you?
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    As a solo player:

    I run SC Recharger and Tactical Pulse exclusively.

    Unless I'm trying to solo challenging content, then I swap Pulse for Ammo Box.

    Everything else is useless to me.
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    Stick to your roots

    I don't envy you guys, you have a great game but a big task ahead of you with the amount of ppl you have to please
    All i would say is please don't leave your team / cover based roots. Please don't make the whole game into underground hard where you need no skill to just run around and shoot things if you have enough toughness, I really like you have to think and work as a team to get stuff completed, don't wreck this please!

    The other thing i would say thats slightly off topic is.... OCTOBER!!!! I know Destiny lands in September so it doesn't make commercial sense to release in the same month but when you said the fixes wont be in until October and we wont get new content until the end of the year a lot of my friends just gave up... you need to give us something in the meantime you cant just expect us to sit around for 2 months waiting for a fix without ANY new content.. come on!
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    I'm responding as a primarily PvE player, I'll now provide some insight into why and what I've chosen:


    I find the Recon pack nigh useless, it might be decent early one but its viability gradually degrades as the player gets more accustomed to the game and simply memorizes the location of everything. Most of the relevant items are present on the minimap anyway.

    Scrambler, its usefulness in PvE is arguable while it can be a lifesaver in PvP.

    Tactical Scanner, one of the most potent damage buffs in the game, this skill has proven to be a must-have for me to both support the team and to make up for my otherwise poor damage output.

    First Aid

    Defibrillator, I can see some potential in it but more often than not, it's easier not to get downed in the first place. In the case of PvE, players are usually close enough together for a manual revive or under the effect of a support station. Otherwise, while quite inconsistent, Recovery Link is faster to deploy as it doesn't require aiming (and both skills have delay before the player actually gets up).

    Overdose has to be the most used skill in the game, it greatly increases survivability, removes status effects and is paired with Triage every single time to completely invalidate the existence of skill cooldowns. It's so good it's nigh gamebreaking, especially with Triage. I believe the effect of Triage and multiple ticks off a single healing instance should be looked into.

    Booster Shot: Wins every single time when paired with a Vigorous chest, has its uses overall, especially when paired with e.g. Smart Cover as it provided much greater effective HP than Overdose would.

    Support Station

    Life Support only increases health regeneration rate as well as automatically revives players in range, it's not particularly bad but both Immunizer and Ammo Cache are more viable when facing endgame content (Ammo Cache is going to see a huge decrease in popularity once the game gets rebalanced once again).

    Sticky Bomb

    BFB only allows the player to reach the max damage quicker than other options, it's quite popular in PvP as far as I know. A squad of Overdose users can pretty much have 100% uptime and stunlock whoever is unlucky enough to stumble upon them.

    Flashbang, one of the best crowd control abilities in the game, especially against NPCs. Its usability in PvP is usually limited to disabling players skills as blind/death effect is hardly an issue and has really short duration. Disrupt also has no line of sight checks while Blind/Deaf does.

    Proximity Fuse, great when trying to hunt rogues without harming self or turning rogue due to other players wandering into the AoE. Removes both significant amount of risk and skill required to effectively use this skill in PvP while having no drawbacks other than slightly higher skillpower requirements.


    As a whole, Turret doesn't usually survive long enough to affect the battlefield in any meaningful way (drawing aggro away) nor does it deal much damage.

    Active Sensor is pretty much invalidated by the existence of Pulse, Precision and Concealment modes for Smart and Mobile Cover.

    Dragonsbreath can provide some CC when facing NPCs but both the turret and players need to be located in specific spots to actually benefit from such strategy, I have not once seen Dragonsbreath actually be used in PvP.

    Zapper, the number one crutch in PvP, the mod appears to be a straight upgrade to Dragonsbreath, providing nigh the exact same advantages while having much better range.

    Seeker Mine

    Airburst is nice for FireCrests to kickstart their gearsets, to keep enemies under the effect of crowd control or to bring self back from the brink of death when coupled with Relentless backpack.
    Besides that, more often than not the mine doesn't live long enough to even deliver its payload, as well as the effects of such payload aren't guaranteed status effects on top of overall very low damage.

    Gas Charge, used to be hilariously powerful when it gave the player 10m aura during cooldowns, Gas Charge overall is a better Airburst in terms of Crowd Control.

    Cluster, I cannot recall a single moment I've actually seen someone use it in the "endgame", it doesn't provide damage nor crowd control.

    Ballistic Shield

    The skill is overall considered to be completely broken and useless.

    Smart Cover

    Overall a good skill.

    Recharger, trades a third of its duration for 20% increased haste, improving uptime of all skills in the squad.

    Trapper, on top of the usual bonus it also provided small decrease to both enemy damage output and damage resistance.

    Concealment, generally useful in PvP, as it provides a counter to the huge damage buff Pulse can provide.

    Mobile Cover

    The mighty glitching tool, doesn't necessarily see much use nowadays. It doesn't provide much of an advantage in the case of PvP interaction as well as isn't nearly tough enough to withstand an onslaught of high level enemies.

    Signature skills

    Recovery Link, can be sometimes useful in a pinch, but it's usually the skill people switch to if they happen to have enough time instead of running it as their primary choice. Offers generally low range, revive is inconsistent and delayed, provided health regeneration is rarely enough to actually increase player survivability.

    Tactical Link, sees some use whenever a group of players wants to plough certain content as quickly as possible (e.g. 4 horsemen farm usually features at least a single player running Tactical Link).

    Survival Link, the bread and butter signature skill for literally everyone in the game, providing huge survivability as well as mobility buff.

    Now, as I've shared my opinion on the skills, I would also like to present you a few ideas I had regarding skills.

    Every deployable skill (Support Station, Turret, Mobile Cover) should benefit from both player's armour and exotic damage resilience, it would allow it to scale better into the high level content and prevent it from being destroyed so quickly.

    While Recovery Link needs a huge buff across the board (both range and health regen need to be drastically improved), it needs many consistency changes (lowering the revive delay as much as it is possible, preferably bringing the players back from the dead state if the skill was used before they bled out, could be applicable to PvE exclusively).

    Survival Link is usually considered to be an issue in PvP and people are demanding a nerf to it, the issue with the skill lies in the fact that people don't use it to run away or to relocate into a more advantageous position, instead it's the dedicated "tank for 15 seconds" skill. While it could remain in its current form for the PvE part of the game, it should be drastically changed for PvP, e.g. to also apply 20% damage modifier to the user so its role as a run-away tool is more pronounced.
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