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    Inverting left-stick control.

    I have been looking for a way to make the left analog stick behave like in the career challenges where moving it to the left makes you lean forward and moving to the right makes you lean back.

    I tried somethings but never got a good result. Depending on what i tried i either had a delay or just did not work.

    I keep thinking i overlooked something and that there is probably an "easy" way to get it done. So im just going to ask here if some1 knows how to do it.
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    What's your setup?

    Not sure this is the easiest, but it works and I'm not experiencing delay:

    Use the left stick(right) and the left stick(left) tiles, the ones under triggers&events/controller sticks.

    Then use two set value events for both stick tiles. Link each of those two to a variable data source.

    Now in the controller stick menu: On press goes to a set value event(value set to 1.00)
    On release goes to the other set value event (value set to 2.00)
    The variable data source should be set to 2.00

    Now link the 'state slider' to the variable data source that is not activated by the set value events you just set up.
    Do the same for the other controller stick.

    If this explanation is a little unclear, I made a screenshot of the setup and I'll send it to you on psn. If I can get online.
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    Thank you. Your setup works great. The screenshot helped alot . I never really understood how those left/right stick tiles worked but now i see how they can be used.
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    Please can I have that screenshot too, or better yet post it here, so all can get it
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