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    1. Audio cutting off on ps4 (starts slowly then completely stops)
    2. Skills becoming unusable/greyed out. Need to hard die to reset
    3. Delta error while playing
    4. Unable to start/reset a mission unless whole group disbands (mission prompt doesn't start when you enter)
    5. Unable to start a mission due to team member not meeting requirements when they clearly do
    6. Talents being greyed out on items even though meet requirements (need to usually restart inventory screen to fix)
    7. Team member skills/bullets destroying smart cover
    8. Gear mods leaving gear in inventory
    9. NPCs getting stuck in rooms/doors unable to be accessed by players
    10. Heal skill delay
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    Sound Loss
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    1. Player Model glitch where gun shows vertical position behind cover making character glitch out until death.
    2. skill bug where they randomly grey out.
    3. Shotgun Sentry's Call where players and one shot other players.
    4. ladder bug.
    5. NPC Scaling after endgame making Time to Kill too long.
    6. Loot system not working correctly with player Scavenging percentage.
    7 Cheaters.
    8. Delta Errors.
    9. Delays with heal, flashbang breaking Smart Cover.
    10. game performance n the DZ.
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    1. Healing delayof skills and medkit before they make any effect
    2. Enemies shoot at you through the doors in the underground missions
    3. Really Bad Drops in Underground
    4. Getting stuck on ladders in Underground
    5. NPCs too strong
    6. Lag Problems
    7. GPS in Underground is making us go crazy
    8. Sometimes sounds disappear or are in delay
    9. Sometimes after I reload I have to wait some time to start shooting again
    10. Sometimes the game freezes (e.g. underground)
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    01. Short time freezing gameplay.

    02. Delay of First Aid heals, or going through floors.

    03. Positional audio (Especially in the DZ.): When someone is running in front of me, they sound like they are running behind me and vice versa.

    04. Wall glitching NPCs. I cannot shoot them but they can shoot me. Plus, they either stop the progression of my mission and I have to restart (This happen in an Underground operation.), or they drop loot that I cannot collect because it is behind a wall. (This happen with this week's high-risk HVT in Stuyvesant.)

    06. Getting stuck on ladders, rubble or anything on the ground. (My brother got stuck on the rubble that players dropped down on in Dragon Nest during the last encounter. He engaged the entire incursion standing on that rubble, unable to move, while we revived him when he dies.)

    05. Equipped skills becoming unusable until death reset.

    07. Freezing (Unable to move, change weapons, etc.) or being stuck in the emote wheel, unless pressing the menu button on my controller.

    07. Invisible sealed caches in my contamination bag. (FYI, this could be higher on my list post Patch 1.4 loot changes.)

    08. Incorrect display of stats (DPS, Toughness, Skill Power.) when comparing gear.

    10. Floating weapons.

    I play on the Xbox One, own Underground DLC and installed the current patch.
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    1-Getting disconnected in Incursion and UG

    2- Shield not working at all

    3- Flash bang destroying smart cover

    4- Ladder glitch

    5- getting stuck on environment

    6- matchmaking and then starting on other side of map

    7- marking people in DZ with pistol without them going rogue

    8 - Skills not working and have to kill yourself to get them back

    9 - Delays on heals
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    Wow, you guys! Thank you for sharing in such concise detail.
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    1. STRIKER"S GEAR SET switch weapon bug!

    2. FL Heroic mode disconnection.

    3. Inventory in UG will be interrupted by NPC

    4. DZ box will not not display in inventory

    5. UG not sound

    6. UG stock in any where not just even at stair!
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    PC user - UI designer/dev by day.

    1/ I fast travel to BoO and I'm outside even though I want to be inside. I fast travel to safehouses and I'm inside even though I want to be outside.

    2/ Missions not starting/ending -- Or in UG, I'm unable to go to the next phase because the elevator door won't open. Or when we've all completed the UG mission and we can't take the train back.

    3/ When I climb onto a ledge, sometimes my character will immediately climb back down. Frustrating when NPCs kill me due to this.

    4/ Lag, delays, and disconnections -- when you're shooting at an NPC & then you're instantly dead without them having made one shot.

    5/ Ballistic Shield, Smart cover, heal and all the associated issues listed by MarcoStyle -- I group this into one category because these things were part of the game from the very beginning and has never properly worked correctly.

    6/ Too much time spent in the menus -- I can press "I" to enter into my inventory, but I need to hit "ESC" multiple times to exit. As a power user, I don't need/want to see all the (nicely polished) fade in/out animations. I want to get in to the menu screens and get out as fast as possible. This is exacerbated by the fact that NPCs will bump into you and knock you out of the menu screen; you end up having to do everything again.

    7/ Lack of audible cues -- My BLIND gearset bonus dropped a flashbang? Make a noise. My weapon talent kicked in? Make a noise! Not knowing when these features/bonuses proc makes me think they never work.

    8/ Useless levelling mechanics -- Levelling up to 30 was fun because there was character/stats progression. DZ levelling had **NO** stat progression. UG levelling had **NO** stat progression. If I'm DZ99, I likely can handle 3-phase, 5-directive Heroic Underground -- but such content is locked out. I'm forced to spend time ranking up the UG's new levelling system. This is what makes levelling in UG feel as if it's an artificial chore. Does Survival have another levelling system?

    9/ Too many different types of currencies -- HVT intel, UG intel, regular funds, DZ funds, Phoenix credits, Div tech, weapon kits... What's worse about this setup is that these currencies are not interchangeable. While I enjoy playing the UG's missions, it provides me with no PxC so then I need to go and do daily HVTs or Lexington (which don't provide me with much of anything other than PxC)

    10/ Gear Score as a metric -- We know that GS doesn't show a player's true damage/toughness yet it's being used everywhere. It's a metric to gauge whether a player is "capable" of running Challenging incursions. It's a metric to gauge which DZ bracket you're in. It lulls unsuspecting players into assuming they can DO Challenging incursions and it matches terrible noobs with veteran rogues in the DZ.
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    PS4 issues.

    1, Missions not starting.
    2, Skills freezing in UG
    3, Killed by invisible grenade in UG
    4, Lag
    5, Sound dropping out

    Couldn't think of 5 more actual bugs, so just take these and times them by two!
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