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    The problem of division

    This game was good then you have people saying that some builds are not far but now there is just one the game has gone terrible nothing works for example in underground just scrap and Redo it all over again is so bad loot is poo the game glitches and does not work properly four example health which doesn't work AI shooting through walls sound doesn't work and you get stuck on the ladder and restock does not work right that's it oh no I forgot the shotgun build is terrible I had 800 toughness and I was shot once now that not far I played for days then you update and people stronger then me because of the shotgun Build and you have made every all the build so all ******* rubbish is only one build this game has gone terrible please fix thank you and good day
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    **** this game is ****

    **** this game it trash you suck at making games you had good game and made it **** you say we fixing it and you don't the game has let me down I have played today for one 1 hour and had about 158 bugs this game trash
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    The NPC's still shooting through the doors in Underground and solid objects throughout the game this still needed fixing.

    NPC's seem to be too fast well faster than a bullet as you aim fire and they have gone and they would move before you released a grenade saying a grenade but the grenade was not thrown this has to be wrong and bosses are still bullet sponges and i've had one that took over 500 rounds to kill and grenades didn't do a thing as with most npc's.

    The special ammo don't work like before and grenades not causing damage to some npc's as well as multi frags scoring hits and locking agent to cover before the red circle is shown and a short delay then the bang and the blast radius is bigger than the red circle and in most cases the first multi frag kills.

    There's delays with most actions key pressing and when under close attack i get double reloading of weapons and delays when changing weapons throwing grenades or deploying seekers and turrets.

    And what about the constant lag.
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    Most annoying bugs

    Originally Posted by Natchai_Ubisoft Go to original post

    You know now that Update 1.4 will focus entirely on improving the core gameplay experience. As part of this effort, we want to make sure to fix as many bugs as possible; those listed in our Known Issues and many more! However, we want to make sure to focus first on the ones that you think are impacting your experience the most. After all, you have to cope with these every day, so who best could help us identify the ones that should be on top of our kill list?

    In this thread, we would like to ask you to give us YOUR list of the top 10 most annoying bugs, based on your own gameplay experience.

    Putting your top 10 lists together will allow us to draw a clear roadmap of the most pressing issues that we must make sure to look at for Update 1.4.

    In order to keep this thread relevant and allow us to sort your answers efficiently, here are a few rules:
    • Make sure to only list bugs and technical issues. Balancing will be discussed in other topics
    • Please do not comment or debate on other members’ lists
    • Your top 10 must be listed in the answer (no link to another thread or video, etc)
    • One reply per member

    Thank you all for your help!
    The Division Dev Team <3
    Simply, those bugs which cause UG mission failures.It wouldn't be so bad if the UG didn't fail and send you back with nothing. If you don't have much time in an evening to play, one UG mission failure can ruin an evening. Maybe if you make it to the boss and die, then you should at least respawn and get another chance. What I have personally seen either solo or in a group:

    1. Stuck on the ladder. You're basically a sitting duck and an op killer if you're solo.
    2. Still moving but can't be rezzed by teammates. This has killed us more than once in the UG.
    3. Some kind of door/elevator glitch that keeps you from going to the 2nd phase in a 2-phase op.
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    Gun recoil control is way out of what would be true to a gun's recoil have any of you devs ever fired a gun and the so called gun we have in the game have been designed in reality to have as little as possible recoil but you dev's have gone way beyond that.

    The cover system is to sticky it near impossible to break away when multi frags are landing do to the lag in all key actions plus movements.

    The NPC's are way too accurate their incoming fire hits you area before they see you they hit you even if a hair shows out of cover they can hit you from impossible angles of fire or they are firing though the cover even accurate fire if you're on a rooftop and they are below you also they can throw a grenade further or higher than the agent and their accuracy of fire to impossible like you move from cover to cover every shot hits as you move but we can't hit them when they move and what's wrong with the accuracy is when you kill an npc then move around a corner take cover the other npc run around the corner and fire striate at you no matter where you are and when you fire at them they move so fast it's impossible to hit them.

    The JTF npc why do they not kill enemy npc's even when those npc are in the open and some enemy npc just walk past them to get at the agent without getting one hit from jtf's the jtf need to be as accurate and have a same hit power as the enemy.

    Another annoying thing is the civilians alway in the fire zone and they run towards the npc's rather than run away for cover you think the first shot the civies would be gone not so they just wander around like they are on holiday sightseeing getting killed.

    It's about time all the past 7-8 months bugs get fixed.
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    PlayStation 4 = Group members In front of you sound like they are 5 to 10 feet behind you , it is really annoying in the DZ .

    this is not a connection issue , it happen to all my friends who play on PS4 from France to Scotland to Amexico to Australia , etc
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    To had to this post about recoil in the PTS was not in keeping with what is known about gun recoil and is way out of what it should be, and in the normal game it's about right depending on gun setup i have come across this video link below where a POF P416 is being fired to destruction if the dev's are to see this video they will see the guy firing this gun is mostly firing one handed and when two handed not held well and not how the gun is not firing all over the place like in the game where a short bust we firing at the clouds at best in the video the gun is moving a few inches but still on target also too the right is other video of other weapons vid's and not one i watched the recoil was out of control and if better handled there would be no recoil at all unlike in the game.
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    Bug report: While doing an UG mission last night, had a section that had an alarm (which I shot out) that seemed to be in an infinite loop of generating enemies. I would clear all but 1 enemy, then a new batch would spawn. Couldn't progress past that section, so had to die to reset (after clearing ~ 5 respawns). First time I have seen this.
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    annoying issues

    Hi Dev's
    Since this new 1.4 patch release i started a new agent and the only thing's so far that's annoying are the agent seems to be slower in walk and run modes than before like in 1.3 and the so called bullet sponges are still too strong and most grenades still do little or no damage at all as well as enemy fire being more stronger than the agents ie they fire a couple of hit shots and i'm down to a few percent health or dead when i shoot them it can take hundreds of rounds per armor white bar on bosses before getting to the solid yellow bar and that can take just as many rounds.
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    Hi DEv's with this 1.4 patch update the delays in key press actions to actual action seems more enhanced.

    Do something about the slow walks entering the Post Office and down to the Underground lobby hall they are so annoyingly a wast of time and Why are they there.
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