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    Here is my Top 10

    1. Skills not able to be used (skills are greyed out and agent must die for them to come back)
    2. Heal procing after agent is down (being in a DBNO state and seeing the green heal pixels around you)
    3. Stat’s switching based on what piece of gear you are looking at (DPS can fluctuate depending on where your cursor is on your character screen)
    4. Critical S&D missions not showing on map
    5. Stick Bomb cancelling Smart Cover (both when an enemy in PVP or a teammate in PVP/PVE uses it)
    6. Mobile Cover allowing agents to get into area’s that aren’t accessible otherwise
    7. Riot Shield in general
    8. Pulse not marking all enemies in range
    9. Survivor Link not activating for all agents in party, when all agents are in the same area distance wise
    10. Emote menu activating on it’s own and only way to get rid of it is to exit game

    Love the approach you all are taking on this!
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    1. Ladder bug
    2. Skill not working
    3. Ballistic Shield disappearing
    4. First Aid delay
    5. First Aid Station Heal but not getting you up (you have full health but are still down)
    6. No Sound Bug.
    7. Elevator not working after finishing phase 1
    8. NPC not coming out from behind doors (can't eliminate enemies to complete Underground)
    9. Not being able to heal downed player.
    10. Being trapped in the Underground Map after group failure....

    PS4 Player
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    1. skills completely blacking out until dead and revival
    2. smart cover destroyed by sticky
    3. lag in all its forms (combat, running, menus, healing, etc.)
    4. crashes, including during incursions
    5. lose striker bonus when switching weapons/tacticians not working after switching around gear
    7. skills not activating when being triggered (sometimes causing me to destroy my own smart cover or support station, as i have to hit the button multiple times to try to get it to trigger)
    8. first aid gun not going where i'm aiming
    9. catching on fire even though i'm inside an immunizer
    10. ps4 sound issues/in game chat being so bad, must always use party chat
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    Platform is XONE

    * Lag/Stutter throughout game
    * Delay when using skills, especially the heal it seems
    * Loss of skill use for no apparent reason
    * Unable to view sealed caches in DZ
    * Inaccurate DPS calculation
    * NPCs standing/staying/stuck in rooms or areas of the map during missions
    * Missions that can't be started/reset
    * Stuck on ladders
    * Friendly fire that destroys deployed skills
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    Top 10 Problems Priority

    1) Micro Stutter/Lag on Xbox1
    2) PVP Balancing - damage output, weapon limitations, abuse
    3) Weapon Balancing - eliminate OP weapons, create balance
    4) Incursions/Missions Not Starting - Huge issue with missions not starting when proced
    5) Weapon Jam/One Is None- this skill still broken as it jams gun on reload
    6) Healing Delay - Need to address delay on heal urgently
    7) Player Glitching Through Walls/Obstacles - please eliminate options for players to breach walls
    8) Rogue System Rework - too easy to go Rogue/not enough penalties for rogues/eliminate accidental Rogue syndrome
    9) Vendors/Crafting Useless After 30 - give us expensive weapons to buy, new blueprints, make vendors useful again
    10) Open World Map - give us more of a map to explore, PVP is only limited to small map need more things to do
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    1. Skills missing overlay;
    2. Ballistic shield stop working, impossible to change or use;
    3. Skills stop working - you need to die to make them work again;
    4. Smart cover (or support stations) exploding by mistake (lag, missing double tap) or bug (sticky bombs, grenades);
    5. First aid disappears if you roll just after deploying;
    6. First heal misplacing when you shot it to the ground;
    7. Weapon jamming;
    8. If you try to revive yourself with a support station and the SS owner dies in the meanwhile, you get stuck in the revive state;
    9. Vanity items limit, can't discard old ones, can't get new ones;
    10. Stats UI bugs. Sometimes you see negative/wrong armour values, you need to disconnect;
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    1. Performance issues, like having very poor performance/fps drops on High-end PCs.
    2. Server lag
    3. Skill delay
    4. skills deployed to the wrong spot/location
    5. NPCs shooting to the opposite direction, still hitting you and sometimes through walls.
    6. better hit registration, especially in pvp
    7. wrong stats showing after changing items, sometimes even negative armor
    8. bagpack bug, when for no reason it changes from the 60+ slots to 40
    9. explosive rounds keeping you stun locked in pvp
    10. Ballistic shield bugging out everything, including your skills and primary and secondary weapon.
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    1. First Aid heal delay - It really ruins the experience.
    2. Ballistic Shield does not work after using it for a while - We can't use a skill in the game, because it's guaranteed that it will get bugged.
    3. Skills like Smart Cover and the Sticky Bomb do not work or you're unable to use any of your skills sometimes, because they're stuck on cooldowns - A major bug that happened to me alot.
    4.Shock and Awe talent increases movement speed of the player even if NPC's supress themselves - Huge problem in the DZ
    5. Incursion and Underground game crashes - You're automatically kicked from the session, if your game crashes in an Incursion or Underground mission. You also get disconneted sometimes.
    6. Crazy lag in PvE and PvP - Sometimes, this game becomes literally unplayable due to huge lags.
    7. Falling down the stairs - If you walk down stairs, you magically fall down.
    8. Weapons floating in air - Your character will not always hold the weapon in his/her hands to shoot with it.
    9. Annoying bug where players can reload forever everywhere or are stuck in the reload animation - I don't know if they're stuck in the animation or doing it intentionally. I see this bug alot.
    10. AlphaBridge bug displays wrong DPS numbers - If you login or die and respawn, the 4th bonus of the AlphaBridge Gear Set will bug and will display you unbuffed DPS numbers. You always have to switch your first weapon with the second weapon that you have equiped and then switch the second weapon from the first slot to the second slot to get the actual buffed DPS numbers.
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    1. Lag & Stutter in and outside DZ
    2. Skill delay
    3. Stats incorrectly being shown
    4. NPC's shooting through walls
    5. NPC's stuck behind doors
    6. Stuck on ladders (UG)
    7. Pulse not marking all enemies in range
    8. Elevator not working in UG when doing more than one phase
    9. Lack of Tools & Electronics (not a bug)
    10. Lack of cover in UG (not a bug)
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    PS4 Platform:

    1. DZ sound glitch making players in front of you sound like they are behind.
    2. Stuck on ladder in UG causing a reset.
    3. Skills need to be tapped multiple times before activation leading to shooting health across map and double tapping smart cover causing it to blow
    4. Multiple health bags being dropped cancel each other out and cause skills to lock up
    5. First aid deploying after your death
    6. Unable to fast travel to DZ entrance if your friends are not near the doors
    7. Striker bug that kills the bonus when swapping weapons - completely killed that entire build
    8. NPC's ability to constantly push you out of your map in social spaces
    9. Greyed out/Locked out skills requiring a shock grenade or suicide to reset
    10. Getting stuck in environmental objects usually because a teammate is close by.
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