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    my top 10 bugs in no particular order:

    - unable to use skills (only way to fix is to fully die and revive)
    - skills overriding each other or canceling each other out (eg. two immunizer boxes)
    - stuck on ladder glitch
    - High Ends available to < 30s via Underground exploit
    - lag on heal abilities
    - heal abilities not appearing where you cast it
    - Ballistic Shield as a whole
    - M1A talents being stackable
    - Scavenging
    - getting stuck on debris in final section of Dragon's Nest after hitting switches and jumping down to final arena
    - Smart Cover being destroyed by friendly Flashbangs
    - Recalibration station in UG HUB
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    1. Missions/Incursions cannot be started or re-started so you need to leave the team to make it work again

    2. Heal Delay

    3. Flashbangs destroying Smart Cover

    4. Skills stop working - you need to die to make them work again

    5. Stats not correctly applied when switching gear

    6. Performance/lag issues in Dark Zone

    7. "Unable to leave Dark Zone while in combat" = bug for me, happens even when the enemy is too far and not shooting at you

    8. Invisible sealed caches

    9. NPCs shoting at you when not even looking at you

    10. NPCs getting stuck in rooms/behind doors on missions
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    1. ladder bug!!!
    2. skills not working having to die to fix it
    3. first aid shooting not instant deploying when i only taped the trigger
    4.still not being able see character full sometimes when looking at customisation mainly in safe rooms and BoO.
    5.getting kicked out of underground recently and not even getting into underground
    6.not sure if bug but not being able to start main missions in matchmaking. station not working probably on waste not directive when using ammo mod when reserve ammo is empty station not overhealing with the highend chest piece overheal talent.
    9.Frame rate issues sometimes when alot happens in game.
    10.blindgearset grenade drops when you dont kill target and sometimes dont see the grenade drop had to relog to fix.
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    PS4 player, in no particular order...

    1- Solo scaling: Hard is too easy, Challenging is impossible (across all game modes).
    2- Appearance Items limit: We need to be able to discard items, or even 'donate' back to the BoO?
    3- 4-piece Striker talent dropping when switching guns.
    4- One is None talent: Can jam the gun.
    5- Friendly fire killing Smart cover.
    6- Ladder bug.
    7- PS4 'blue screen' crash attempting in-game matchmaking, espcially in DZ.
    8- Random Deltas, my experience is they are more likely to occur during hardest content, eg weekly HVTs, incursions, etc.
    9- Underground GPS indicator: sends us 'all over the place'!
    10- Inventory Sorting options on the console... Please!
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    1. Xbox one micro freezing
    2. Game performance on xbox one, game crashes
    3. Skills not working at all
    4. Heal delay
    5. Skill bug one is none
    6. Skill bug overlapping support station abilities
    7. Skill bug ballistic shield
    8. Skill bug mobile cover
    9. Talents not working as intended, high end and player talents
    10. Misions/incursions not starting, unable to reset
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    1. Disconnection errors (Delta/Mike).
    2. Sound stops working.
    3. Weapon Jamming.
    4. Skills stops working/greyed out (Dragons nest/Underground?).
    5. In-game voice output on wrong players name..
    6. Popping up from cover during first aid heal.
    7. Mods un-equipping.
    8. Damage readouts stops working in firing range (after friends join?!).
    9. DPS/Weapon talent/stats not instantly applying, have to back out then back in for stats to refresh.
    10. Missions not starting.
    I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones that I recall.
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    1, Heal Delay
    2, DZ lag and stutters
    3, Skill grey outs and having to die to get them back
    4, Scavenging stats seemingly meaningless
    5, Unable to continue to next phase of UG Mission
    6, Getting stuck on ladders
    7, The perfect aim of NPC grenades
    8, Team members not able to use ammo station and other skills
    9, Game lock ups and needing to reboot
    10, Underground GPS is misleading
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    That's a great initiative! Besides balancing (weapon, gear, gearset bonuses, player versus player and player versus AI) there isn't a lot of things I consider to be more than quirks of the game.

    1. The networking and matchmaking, people all over the world are often connected to a suboptimal server.

    2. Skills not working/working improperly under certain conditions (fail to deploy, deployed in an unintended place).

    3. Invisible walls or otherwise shifted collisions, the biggest offender I can recall from the top of my head would be any kind of an escalator in the Underground, which appears to be shifted in relation to the visual model, making players sink into the ground.

    4. Quite a minor issue of mine, the GPS, especially in confined locations. I'd much rather have the game highlight the destination, even through walls instead of putting breadcrumbs all over the level, often times making me backtrack or keep running in circles.

    5. Audio cues (especially for players) appear to be inverted in their location (players in the front are heard as if they were behind)

    6. Certain abilities can be destroyed by friendlies (e.g. Smart Cover disappears when hit by a HE round.)

    7. Certain enemy attacks ignore line of sight against player deployed skills (e.g. APC mortar barrage can destroy a hidden Support Station despite no line of sight, player in the same location is not harmed).

    8. Zoom amount and sensitivity isn't dependent on the sight type for the most part, instead if usually inherits the base weapon modifier.

    9. Battalion vanity set isn't considered a set.
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    KarlusempBR Top 10

    1 - Rogue system (the Rougue time is to short, because of that a lot of rogue stay in front of Safe houses)
    2 - Ammo Caches in other location at DZ (Not only in safe houses or entrances)
    3 - Weapon color not consume Backpack space
    4 - HVT dropped only Lone Star gear set
    5 - Loot Problem (Heroic missions not underfound type) receving only itens 204 and 240
    6 - Shotgun/Sentry Overpower (PVP)
    7 - Marksman/Deadeye Bug Overpower (PVP)
    8 - Enemy of DZ 6 (Lvl 35)need to much ammo to kill
    9 - Lag in the DZ
    10 - Weapons and Gear Lvl 229 Blueprints
    11 - Trade System (Itens Could be trade with your friends anytime if not Used)
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    The most annoying for me

    1 - Heal delay (killer, literally, when soloing)
    2 - Getting stuck on ladders
    3 - Lag, lag, lag (Xbox One, especially in the DZ but also solo in PVE???)
    4 - Talents not working even though animations fire and go into cool down (lag?)
    5 - Sticky disabling Smart Cover
    6 - Stagger not activating
    7 - Infinite downed crawl of death - downed but don't die
    8 - Downed but only one team member is able to pick you up
    9 - DZ sealed caches not showing up (able to delete) in inventory
    10 - Heal and Smart Cover firing off into the distance when only pressed to local
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