While I get those fans who are whining, and do not wish to disparage their concerns, I do not think that following suit would be conducive to progress as I would only be jumping into the proverbial line.

I believe the balancing of pvp, and pve is impossible at this point in time. Skills, and gear bonuses meant for pve, and pvp counter buffs/nerfs pouring over into each other will continue to threaten balance.

I propose a solution.

Each gear set should have pvp only bonuses. The pve bonuses should cease to pour into pvp play all together.

Pvp is in dire need of a fair, and inviting even playing ground with all out gun battles being waged, and overall team strategy playing a major factor in who succeeds.

Pve is about dealing with crowds of overpowered AI where pvp is about dealing with teams of four or less most of the time. This is the problem.

How can the developers expect the same gear bonuses, and combos used to deal with AI to work in pvp?

What we have now is gear set combinations optimized to help us succeed in Pve that outright obliterate in pvp.

So, I say again...Separate PVE, and PVP gear set bonuses. Pve bonuses won't work in Pvp, and Pvp bonuses won't work in Pve.

This will also simplify the balancing, so Devs can work on one or the other without worrying about the effects their changes our having on the opposite side, and we won't see this disastrous balancing act being played out at the gamers' expense.

Thank you.