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    We need to re/customize our characters


    So, in the near future, is there a little posibility to change our character appearance? My stupid glasses started to freak me out. ( and the rest, also). I don't want to start over with a new character, i want to be able to edit the curent one.
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    Agreed. At least give us the option to change the cosmetic appearance, like glasses, scars, tattoos and haircuts.
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    With games such as these this is always an issue.

    After so, so many times dating back to the days of old rpg's you'd think developers would include a way people could alter their character's customizations after the beginning of the story.

    Sadly, what I see happening more often, than not is post story customization comes in the way of dlc, or is abandoned all together.
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    It is kinda strange,seeing as you can swap out everything except the head and neck.
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    I'd prefer more preset head choices and hair options at a minimum...I am tired of seeing the same 4 people cloned 100000000 times....its like we are all the same agents in a perpetual ever winter setting in which Fay Lau will never heal...

    Like I was in a safe house the other night and they were, every single player the same face #7 with the ballistic/tactical shooters glasses....I felt like i was at the class of '67 clone wars reunion.....
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    Your "stupid glasses started to freak you out"? lol

    Step off the ledge. Jesus.
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    Hey, this is something that we have noted and the team has taken into consideration. While I don't have any specific update at this time, I will gladly follow up with the team and see where we are with any possible options.
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    Thank you mattshotcha!
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    No no and no.... Now I've levelled 4 new chars to change their looks, if you want to change the look of your char, you have to work for it!

    Edit: And it's refreshing to level new chars.

    Editedit: And it's against the lore of the game!!

    Editeditedit: And I like recognizing your ugly look when I gank you in the Dark Zone.

    (Main reason most people use at one point or another in defence against changes in this game)
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    yea this has always been a thing for me... never sure if we'll get little upgrades like this with the game as it currently is. seems like small potatoes compared to skill blackouts for example. anyway, i'd love to change my hair and so on. makes sense to alter appearance.
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