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    Cant Play Hawx2 on PC

    I've not played Hawx2 for a few months.My platform is PC Uplay has updated itself and Hawx 2 starts and appears to load ok. However if I try to play online or start an online game myself or even try a single game , Hawx 2 appears to start then I get ... Loading Data... then it returns to the menu. I have tried both DX9 and DX11 versions both do not work, I have an Intel i5 2.8G CPU. 4G DDR3 and an ATL FX5770 graphics card. Thanks in advance
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    My best friend and I just figured out how to fix this problem. When you installed it I assume that you installed it into the Uplay game folder. That apparently has a problem with HAWX 2. Delete the install and then re-install it outside of that folder. For example Uplay is installed on my C: drive, but HAWX 2 is installed on my E: drive. It should also work if you just install in outside of the Uplay folder. I just put it on my second hard drive. Good luck!
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    change uplay account password and install bitdefender total security 2016 and analysis system
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