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    NEW OPERATORS The 707th Special Mission Battalion - "White Tiger"

    This isnt official, just something i posted in feedback operators section. A couple people told me these ideas were awesome and said I should post it where it'd get more attention. I felt like the Asian Special Forces were being under-represented. Being Asian myself I decided to pick one of my favorite Asian CTUs. Please be courteous.

    The 707th Special Mission Battalion is South Korea's Premier Counter-Terrorism fighting unit.

    They train with US Army Delta Force, FBI HRT, British SAS, Russian Alpha Group, GIGN, JTF2, (These last two should be considered as well) Hong Kong SDU, and Singapore's STAR.

    The "White Tiger" employs men and Women. Specifically the women are used in undercover counter-terror ops because women are underestimated. This could be used to create a wonderful game mechanic completely unique to the White Tiger operatives. They are also known to employ 5 different sniper rifles and a very unique rifle called the Daewoo K11 that fires an air burst smart proximity grenade. these guys are certified bad asses. The average operator has a total of 3 black belts in 3 different martial arts. Anyone ever watch "The Raid"?

    Here's my suggestion


    Name:Yokwe (Monster) - He's definitely a Beast.

    Primary Weapons
    • Daewoo K-1A (Carbine)
    • Kel-Tec KSG12 (Shotgun)
    • H&K MSG-90 (Sniper)

    Secondary Weapons:
    • IWI Jericho 941
    • H&K USP9

    Special Gadget: Daewoo K-11
    • Air Burst Smart Grenades (x 3) - Penetrates Soft walls and blows up 3 feet later.
    • Firing down a hallway will cause the grenade to explode mid flight if there is an enemy within 4-5 feet. otherwise it explodes on impact
    • 5.56 ammo 30/90
    • First button press equips gun allowing use like any other gun. Second press shoots Smart Grenades.

    Secondary Gadget:
    • Flash Bang (x 2)
    • Breach Charges (x 3)

    Name: Gwishin (Ghost) - Enemies would think shes a ghost for sure.

    Primary Weapons:
    • Daewoo K-7 (integrally silenced 9mm SMG)
    • Kel-Tec KSG12

    Secondary Weapons:

    • B&T MP9 SMG
    • IWI Jericho 941

    Special Gadget: Chameleon
    • Player camouflages themselves as an opposing team member inheriting their username (temporarily).
    • Player does not inherit guns.
    • Player must be within close proximity to kill an opposing team member with a Leg sweep Slide Trip that ends with a knife kill animation.
    • Leg Sweep Slide can be stopped during animation if shot at in time.
    • Leg Sweep Slide distance 5-6 ft
    • Can be executed from a fall as well.
    • To the enemy team's eye, it will look like their teammate never died until they find their teammates dead body.
    • Dead enemy player cannot type to team until the match is over or until Gwishin is killed.
    • Gwishin cannot see opposing team member locations.
    • Opposing team members can see Gwishins location after body swap.
    • Can still be spotted by Pulse.
    • Gwishin can leave body swap by activating the leg sweep again.

    Secondary Gadget:

    • Flashbang (x 2)
    • Grenade (x 2)

    I tried to frame this after the Korean Sun & Moon Folktale as best as I could without making them lame characters.

    Taeyang (Sun) (female)
    Primary Weapons:
    • H&K MP5
    • Daewoo K-2 (5.56 AR)

    Secondary Weapons:
    • B&T MP9 SMG
    • IWI Jericho 941

    Special Gadget: Flame Thrower
    • Flame only extends 10 feet maximum
    • Flame cannot penetrate Blitz's, Fuse's or Montagne's Shield's from the front (crouched) or Mantagne's full shield.
    • Enemies can shoot the tank causing a explosion radius of 5ft instantly killing Taeyang and engulfing anyone in flames indiscriminately.

    Secondary Gadget:
    • Smoke Grenade
    • Barbed-Wire

    Dal (Moon) (male)
    Primary Weapons:
    • Daewoo K-3 (LMG)
    • Kel-Tec KSG12

    Secondary Weapons:
    • IWI Jericho 941
    • H&K USP9

    Special Gadget: Flash Spotlight (x 2)
    • Setup a special spotlight that distorts vision and/or blinds anyone facing it forcing them to either try to shoot it out or find another route.
    • Motion activated (enemies only)
    • Once activated it continues to strobe until enemy is killed, out of range or unit is destroyed.
    • Atleast twice the effective range as blitz' shield Flash
    • Can mount to floor and walls.
    • Doesn't blind teammates
    • Can be detected by IQ
    • Can be disabled by Thatcher
    • Can be shot or blown up

    Secondary Gadget:

    • Shield Wall
    • Nitro-Cell

    I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. I hope some of these ideas get implemented. Tell me what you think, revise it, whatever. Thanks!
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    Great ideas, I like Ghost and Monster. I am Asian and I feel under represented. Hopefully these make it to the light.
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    There is some picture is ASSC (Airborne Special Service CompanyAirborne Special Service Company) in Taiwan
    Not in Korea
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    Your dream just came true
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    practically nailed it.
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