I don't know what they are up

if the division was a major flop over the next few months everyone stopped playing servers where offline
how would that affect the vivendi (spelling) takeover would it help massive fend off the takeover is this game went tits up

because I just cannot understand what the are doing all the question's asked idea's posted what is the response

"The team hasn't given up at all we still have lots of content coming, as well as fixes obviously " this is natchai's only reply on another post asking if massive had given up

it just seems to me for whatever reason they are trying as hard as they can to run this game into the ground as fast as the can

now I have never beaten up on this game I bought the season pass and have like 8 days or so playtime I got my moneys worth
but for the life of me unless they want the game to die asap I cannot understand what the are doing