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    Looking for active new friends to play with online

    As title states, I have heroes vi and vii, looking for friends online to play multiplayer. I'm English speaking and live in the states. Central Time Zone. Gamer name is Genocid3

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    Hi, see the following thread to find some multiplayer opponents for H7:
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    Well, if u wanna play HMM VI, add me
    Im from Brazil but i know english enough to play =)
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    I don't know whether it is allowed here,but in my personal opinion, the best alternative for playing Heroes online with other real players all around the globe is this website
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    also looking for ppl to play with

    I got the heroes VI standart.
    my nickname is
    and I live in the states eastern time.

    you are welcome to add me or tell me how to find ppl to play with.
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