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    Let's see, I have version 1.2, so it would seem to be a good decision at some point to pick-up the U-Boat addition. Sounds good, thanks. Steve
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    You can go to version 1.4 by downloading this patch. This patch includes all the updates in version 1.3 so all you have to do is install this patch.

    I thought you already had the U-boat Missions addon. When you do get this it will take you to version 1.5
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    Is it because my crew are tired?

    Played early version of SH many many years ago on a steam powered pc and loved it. Originally you were based in Manila. Now have SH WotP after original disk warped and coughed it. On first Honshu patrol have just about reached patrol area icon after sinking 5 ships and evading planes. It's night time and surfaced but suddenly I am dead in the water - no propulsion. No damage reports and half the crew in their bunks (2:00am).
    Obviously I have 2 options, descend to P level and let them sleep but probably expire from CO2 poisoning, or stay on surface untl sunk by passing task force or 'betty's".
    Is there a work around fr this situation or am I just a lousy Captain?
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