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    Im either smart or totally stupid. as before 1.3 we all knew the G36 was overpowered and would get nerfed. - so for that reason I did not use it at all. - as like many of you now, are bitter about it (rightly so) - so for me now, its like a new weapon and I dont have the OP version to compare it too.

    However, seems like from reading the thread I could of used it for a week or so to get ahead : )

    Anyway. - as always I see the bigger picture, and Im sure the devs know what they are doing......................right?
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    Massive and Ubisoft at it's best, ahahaha.
    Honestly this is the most ridiculous handling of a game I've ever seen in decades.

    No more Stealth Nerfs? Yeah... We've seen that now how trustworthy you guys are.

    Tons of Bugs and Glitches are still a problem. etc yada yada

    "We are no idiots and know what we're doing" Yeah... That statement is as false as could be.

    Well, lesson learned, you guys are even worse than EA and that's quite the achievment.
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    Don't agree with the nerfed G36. I had a wonderful time while it lasted but 233k to 190k something. No fun.
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    The unmentioned recoil and stability changes are what piss me off. We all knew a damage nerf was inbound but then they also screw up the handling and conveniently leave that bit out so as to not outrage even more people.

    Just read the SOTG and they are monitoring all the negative feedback on the G36 nerf - these morons don't understand PR at all lol
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    Originally Posted by orthow Go to original post
    The unmentioned recoil and stability changes are what piss me off. We all knew a damage nerf was inbound but then they also screw up the handling and conveniently leave that bit out so as to not outrage even more people.

    Just read the SOTG and they are monitoring all the negative feedback on the G36 nerf - these morons don't understand PR at all lol
    Exactly, I got a good 204 G36 and *expected* the damage to be nerfed because we were told it would be. To have it nerfed with added stealth nerfing adds insult to injury.

    I'll say it again: the logic of nerfing OP weapons, gear sets, skills, etc. etc. falls flat when under powered (and unused, because we all know which ones they are) weapons/gear sets/skills/etc are NEVER buffed.

    You can't make a logical argument that the devs are trying to balance the game out with their stated intentions without considering this. They are *trying* to make players weaker offensively.
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    Originally Posted by Arsenic_Touch Go to original post

    The vector and aug SMGs were nerfed by 10%, that nerf was not because they were too strong in pve. It was clearly a pvp change that affected pve as well.
    The G36 was nerfed by 15%, along with an accuracy and stability nerf.
    They then turn around and buff pvp gun damage by 20%, which nullifies those previous nerfs on the pvp side of things, while still leaving them nerfed on the pve side of things.
    Enemies actually got stronger with the dark zone change and the new difficulty, but left the guns nerfed. Do you understand yet how pve players got screwed here?

    This doesn't even include the set item changes that were because of pvp, that again affected pve players.
    Welcome to Destiny 3.0. but the devs are too stupid to see it. They have already said that they only care about proving that their idea for the DZ is the future of PVP gaming. (Despite EVERYONE in the business telling them they are idiots.)
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    Need to Nerf DZ NPCs

    I'm still able get to 260K Dps 445k Tough 19k Skill which I think is a well rounded build with the G36 C and not using Alpha Gear. Though my build was 310K before nerf. Smart cover is how i get my nerf gun back in dps. The Big problem I have an issue with the NPC's running without their guns nerfed. If players are having trouble taking down NPC..., and NPC shot guns are really sniper rifles and don't even get me started on Final Measure not doing **** towards flame-throwers. If players are having our guns nerfed, So should NPCs. Or at least give us more toughness to handle them. Even when I tried 600K Toughness to help my crew, I was still being taken out pretty easily. Its Ridiculous.

    And this more damage added damage to PVP does not make since to me at all. Should have been added Damage to PVE and less to PVP. Im sure some of you have been one-shotted by someone in the DZ even with 500K health.
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    Originally Posted by Titannium_ Go to original post
    10%.... fine.

    15% ? you deleted it from game.
    Lul, instead of balance other AR, you destroyed G36.
    So now we will bulletsponge L35 even more....

    bravo, indeed.
    I agree and disagree.

    10% was what I thought they would do but even at 15% it is still by far the best AR (from all I have seen). So the question is really, why was it nerfed? I thought it was nerfed in an attempt to bring it in line with the other ARs but it clearly outclasses them still.

    The bullet sponge is a big issue IMO. The reason is because the devs have let the numbers (dps, armor, health, toughness, etc.) get away from them so now all nerfs have to be big.

    I'm ok with the 15% nerf as long as they address the rest of the ARs which are still clearly under powered.

    Not to mention the DMR SCAR which even with a great role serves no purpose in it's current state.

    Nerfing the OP guns is fine, as long as they also take a closer look at the underpowered guns.
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    Originally Posted by s140183 Go to original post
    How many of you complainers are running with damage to elites attributes?
    If by "complainers" you mean someone who thinks the game is badly tuned?

    Then include me.

    As well as 50% armor destruction, +13% damage when none of my skills are on cool down. +20% damage to targets out of cover because I frequently use an LMG. Since I use 4pc Lonestar my LMG also gets 10% buff to base damge (+1000), as well as the damage throughput bonus of not having to reload

    ..and on top I run smart cover and get the damage bonus from that. Steady hand...and One is None.

    The issue isn't that people don't know how to spec out their Agents.

    The issue the game is badly tuned. The NPCs are tuned with the expectation that everyone is running in 4 man fireteam with ALL of the game's buffs active. So if you aren't playing in that situation---and most people who play this game AREN"T---- the NIPCs do a ridiculous amount of damage, and can withstand a ridiculous amount of damage.

    Because it takes all the buffs and talents in the game just to bring them down to something reasonable. (Or not, in the case of the game's shotgunners)
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    Originally Posted by PonasJuliusLT Go to original post
    So the hard end game is focused around 5% of the player base while the rest will suffer from boring and extremely slow grind. They are crippling those 95% so they could slow these 5% down. At least I think so.

    ...and they are slowly pushing that 95% out of the game.

    I just had a guy who is a regular DZ player quote me some gobsmacking stat numbers on his set up. Numbers I have NO HOPE of touching because I dont' play the DZ and effectively don't have acess to any of the game's level 32 mods. they wonder why this game is dying, and the player base is so ****ing angry.
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