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    I noticed this as well when i played today. Stealth nerfs are not cool. Shameful way of fixing things that aren't really broken. Most of all dishonest with the community.
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    Why do you need a crutch? The game isnt "unplayable". There are plenty of viable options if you're looking for an assault rifle. If you have any drop ping below 10K damage, its not the devs fault....its your own.
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    What Nerf?? My G36C is BRUTAL still.

    Everyone's complaining about the G36 nerf, so I slightly dreaded logging in tonight to witness the nerf.
    Yes, it said my 204 G36 weapon DPS was down, but I took it into the field and found that it behaved exactly as before.

    With that being said, I have to admit that I play a conservative game. I balance my skills in order to UNLOCK ALL WEAPON TALENTS.

    My G36 requires 226/280/226 across the board. With that I get Fierce with 8.5% crit hit chance increase, Predatory with 13.5% Health on Kill, and Deadly for 8.5% Crit Hit Damage increase. The gun is a BEAST. And I haven't even recalibrated it.

    It also helps that every piece of gear I wear has "Assault Rifle Damage % Increase". Either naturally or re-rolled.

    Nerfed? I say thee nay! : )

    Love'n my Assault Rifle still.
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    Originally Posted by Xeroith Go to original post
    So since you introduced 1 Assault Rifle that actually had a purpose and could be used, then completely took away any use from it and seem to want to just make the game unplayable, can I just get a refund if you obviously don't want your players to be able to play this game anymore?
    Sorry but I have to disagree. I posted about this earlier. My G36C is still mowing NPC's down like paper targets. Even HVT's.
    As I mentioned in my post though, I calibrate my gear for Assault Rifles, and I run my Skills Conservatively so that I UNLOCK ALL WEAPON TALENTS.
    My G36C is still the best weapon I've ever run with.
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    Getting so fed up with this crap. Ubi, I tell you this game still has me hooked (though less and less with each passing week) and my options are limited atm, but I will be a heck of a hard sell in the future.

    You guys should be ashamecd of the product you put out, ashamed of how you are directing it's development since launch and very ashamed of how every dlc introduces a litany of new bugs while some are still waiting for fixes since launch. Add to that that it seems like every single fix creates at least two new problems.

    Worse yet is the fact you have lost all credibility with your client base. You constantly ignore us, you mislead us, point us in the wrong direction and even lie to us on a regular basis. Credibilty once lost is very difficult to reinstate. The whole trust issue, you know? Kinda like if you cheat on your spouse, once that trust is broken, good luck getting it back. Except you guys keep on cheating time and time again.
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    Thank God.
    I thought i was seeing things that were not there(post update phantoms). I was wondering why i had to keep releasing the trigger to get back on target. I had it rock steady. Now it's pulling up to the right.
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    Honestly, I don't even know why they have the SoTG any more. No one believes a damn thing they say at this point. They are either horribly informed about actual changes or they think people are just too dumb to figure it out.
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    A stealth nerf tacked onto a nerf that nobody asked for and the community told the developer in advance they hated? No, I mean there couldn't be any way that a stealth nerf happened. They would never leave their own Community Managers in the dark about such a thing only to be later pounced upon by the community when we realize what they did. That would never happen, like all the previous times that it already happened with this very title.

    I am sure the people at Massive are aware of it and it is working as intended.
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    mine is also self preserved and ****ing focused!
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    G36 Stealth Nerfs

    I'm semi-Okay with the 15% damage nerf (It still seems like it should have been less ie. 9-11%). But all stealth nerfs, and not just on the G36, need to stop. We were told that the G36's damage was too high from the beginning and that it would be lowered. We were told this before 1.3 went live. But it wasn't just the damage that was nerfed. The Optimal Range, Recoil, Recoil pattern and the accuracy were nerfed as well.

    Numbers on the changes here ->

    All of this was not included in patch notes. Seriously, stealth nerfs NEED to stop.
    If more changes are made than what are told to us, then add them to the patch notes. You guys have to be more transparent with us (like you said you would be).
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