I'm not sure if it's been officially confirmed (at least, I haven't seen any interview where it was mentioned) but according to a reddit thread, WD2 takes a lot of inspiration from the book Little Brother as well as the sequel Homeland. (Unrelated to the TV series)

Reading the description of the book, there's a lot of comparisons between it and what we've seen of the game so far. 4 teenagers, Marcus Yallow (only the last name was changed slightly), enjoys understanding technology and building his own devices, leader of the 4 friends. Darryl Glover (Wrench) is his best friend, second in command and "details man". Vanessa Pak (Sitara) is the ideas person (in the game, pretty much the leader). And Jose Luis Torrez (Josh) being the most technology-oriented, does his own programming.

That's very close to how we've seen the dedsec gang so far, though some of the story of the book deviates quite a bit from the story (or at least the story we've seen so far) of Watch_Dogs 2.

The book is available for free on the authors website (sequel as well), might be worth a read if you're looking for ways do delve deeper into the setting of the game, while we wait for more interviews, trailers, gameplay and so on.