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    conflux issues

    No connection to conflux ("connection is not possible, please check internet connection"). Internet is working, I've tried game/steam/uplay/pc restart, nothing helps.
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    Same problem here, unable to connect to conflux.
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    Same trouble here
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    Hi Guys, please have a read here

    If you still cannot connect please contact our Support Team

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    ]kicked from the Conflux and can't reconnect. Checked their support forums and no scheduled maint. (until 1-15-18 12am-8am). No recent Upaly update either but I swear this happens everytime they update Uplay and they take a week or more to fix it

    Seriously, I've seen players find that the problem was the latest version of Uplay, roll-back their updade and play the game and post this in their forums within 24 hours of the problem and it took them 12 days to fix the issue. That's after the players already diagnosed the problem and found a solution, what a joke.

    Mark my words, the day will come when they simply shut down the Conflux server without a patch to locally save our Dynasty locking us out of that key feature of the game in one grand final f-you to the games fans and Ubis loyal paying customers. While people that pirated the game will still enjoy all its features and uninterrupted gameplay while we get punished for paying for the game. If we're really lucky they'll post in some obscure support thread a few day's in advance that the're discontinuing the Colfux in which case the only way to enjoy the game you already paid for (with all it's features, not some offline, dynasty-less lobotomized version) is to find a pirated copy. Mark my words, this will happen.
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    heroes 6

    so now what?
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    I swear before posting I searched and searched their support forums for maint. downtime and found nothing. Chatting with their support I got this link:

    I cannot overstate that the real issue is requiring authentication for a game no longer supported. Please release one final legacy patch unlocking all dynasty weapons and the ability to locally save our dynasty files. Then you can shut down your infernal Conflux server which I'm sure is costing more to maintain than you receive in revenue for this game.
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