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    [WIP] Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate project

    You knew with the reappearance of our resident mega-modder, Dave Grayson, that nothing good could happen from that and you're exactly right! A group of ten of us, and counting, has got together and launched the Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate project.

    Fall of the Rising Sun is that supermod that just gets no love. RSRDC was never made for it. Until recently when we finished stage one of the Ultimate project, the mod was even very difficult to find any more as the Aces of the Deep site is down and SH4 hosting sites vanish one by one. So our first step was to capture FOTRS v1.2, v1.3 and v2.0 to save them natively on the Subsim site. No links--they're there to stay for all to enjoy.

    Once the preservation part of our job was done we began looking at the three mods. It was quickly apparent that 1.2 and 1.3 were produced in English for Silent Hunter 4 version 1.5. That's U-boat Missions. But because they thought SH4 v1.4 worked better for multiplayer, the Aces of the Deep produced their masterpiece, version 2.0 for an archaic version of Silent Hunter that very few play any more.

    After some discussion with game alchemists who had already done some gene splicing, it was decided to launch the FOTRS Ultimate project, where we will be amputating juicy parts from the FOTRS v2.0 carcass and grafting them onto the FOTRS 1.3 base and adapting them for U-boat Missions play! Dr Frankenstein eat your heart out!

    So far we have FOTRS 1.3 with v 2.0 sounds and sinking physics. Yes, this is already the very first mod for U-Boat Missions that features a Natural Sinking Mechanics type sinking mod. The boats don't go boom! Glug, glug, glug, they're gone. The fill with water like a real ship would and take quite a while to go down. And they go down differently depending on how and where you hit them! It's working great.

    Then we plugged in the FOTRS 2.0 sounds. Amazing! Now when that merchie mans the deck gun and the shell passes over you WILL DUCK!

    Our aim is to keep the base FOTRS Ultimate mod as close to 100% MadMax's work as possible without leaving any glaring problems. Once we have that we're going the freeze the base.

    That's where the real work of FOTRS Ultimate begins. We are going to take the power from the hands of the modders and put all that in the players' hands. No longer are you going to have to make the satanic choice: if I take accurate periscopes I have to accept a hokey campaign that goes along with it. (that is a hypothetical choice, not indicating any particular mod.) We believe that when you want to mod your game, players have at least these two rights.

    One: each plugin mod for FOTRS Ultimate will be 100% compatible with FOTRS Ultimate. Now that sounds simple, but let's define compatible. Up until now compatible only meant "SH4 won't crash when you use these two mods together." Those days are done. Now compatible means two things. If the mod is "Accurate Periscopes Plugin" then it will make your periscopes accurate in field of view, calibration and usefulness. AND it means that is the ONLY THING IT WILL DO! You will not have your nav map totally redifined by a periscope mod. AND it means that it does not conflict with FOTRS Ultimate or any of the other plugins available.

    Two: FOTRS Ultimate plugins will be single purpose mods that tell you what order to install them and whether they are conflicting with any other possibilities. Let's take an example. We will have keyboard layouts for the stock game, TMO, GFO and perhaps others. Naturally you wouldn't use both the GFO and TMO keyboard layouts at the same time.

    To make all that clear, our plugin mods will introduce a numbering system, where the name will begin with a number telling you compatibility and mod load order. 100 series mods are supermods. Our mod will be called 100 FOTRS Ultimate. The 200 series is for supermod type add ons that also make draconian changes to the supermod. About the only one now, and I hope ever, is RSRDC.

    I don't seem to have any 300 series mods, so I forgot what they are......old age sucks. Lets make them ship physics and sinking mods.

    400 mods are keyboard layout and plotting mods. We'll go 400-449 for keyboard and 450-499 for plotting mods.

    500 mods are radio and gramophone mods: big and ugly but compatible with everything. Unfortunately they change the big octopus file that contains a million things and we'll have to be very careful how we implement these. I've found a program, JTxE, which allows modification of individual lines in a configuration file and I'll be playing with that to see if we can automate the process and open up universal plugins for 500 mods. Otherwise, it's a minefield. Be careful.

    600 series: deck gun and torpedo mods

    700 series: missions and scenarios

    800 series: sounds and visuals like 800 Sober's Explosion mod.

    All right, let's take some keyboard layout mods. There might be 400 TMOKeys, 400 StocKeys, 400 GFOKeys. The fact that all three have exactly the same number means you must choose one of them. They are not compatible with each other.

    So now when installing Plugin Mods with JSGME you will just install all mods in numerical order, avoiding installing any two mods with exactly the same number. You AUTOMATICALLY have a properly functioning setup. It's never been done before. Now you can roll your own supermod. Choose the difficulty of enemy AI, stock, TMOwTw level, TMO level, FOTRS Level or a special super difficult level. Choose your keyboard layout or use our tool to make your own! Choose plotting system, stock, FOTRS or TMO. There will be more. Starting with the FOTRS Ultimate base mod you will roll your own supermod. And it will work first try.

    This way, no matter what we come up with, the player knows what order to install the mods. He knows which are incompatible with which others. And he can determine many, many aspects of his game with no surprises. We'll never give you the choice that if you want to get what you want you have to accept what you don't want. You're in charge here

    We're a ways out from making thia all happen. We're still working on the base mod to bring as much 2.0 into a U-Boat Missions environment as possible. Then we'll freeze the base mod as a close to 100% Aces of the Deep/MadMax product. Finally we'll tackle our long list of guaranteed compatible plugin mods.

    We're excited! It's all Dave Grayson's fault. And CapnScurvy's, and Tambor 198's and eight other great guys: some of the greatest modders ever in the history of Silent Hunter. I'm no modder, just a tinkerer and instigator. More of a cheerleader, but we need those too.

    Stay tuned for fun!
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    We're excited! It's all Dave Grayson's fault. And CapnScurvy's, and Tambor 198's and eight other great guys: some of the greatest modders ever in the history of Silent Hunter. I'm no modder, just a tinkerer and instigator. More of a cheerleader, but we need those too.
    Don't let RR fool you guys. I'm just a beta tester, The real work is being done by the guys who know what they're doing.
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    We just started testing Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate Edition v.01Alpha. Some of the stuff we have in waiting is pretty breathtaking. FOTRS is a product of the Aces of the Deep modding team and we are keeping it as pure AOTD as we can but feel it would be disrespectful not to correct outright groaners. Did somebody say they'd like some screenshots? Okay!

    Just to keep everyone guessing as to my true character, this mod is very much an eyecandy mod. It's beautiful in much the same way as GWX for Silent Hunter 3 is and we hope you look beyond the beauty to great gameplay as well.
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    If there were anyone here they would wonder. Have they stopped development on Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate, leaving us in the usual despair we generally feel for Silent Hunter 4? Well, no! As a matter of fact we have the entire fleet of FOTRS 2.0 now working for Silent Hunter 4 v1.5, U-boat Missions. Yesterday, the Japanese treated us to a celebratory parade of its entire fleet, both warships and merchies. I took a helicopter and overflew the parade, sharing with you the very first time these masterful creations of AOTD_MadMax and the Aces of the Deep crew have been seen in U-Boat Missions. For the first time, after nine years of Silent Hunter 4, you get to see the Kaga, Shinano, Hiryu and many, many new warships and merchies! Let's join our parade coverage, shall we? Warning: some of the carriers are misidentified. The one with the canted stack is really Shinano, for instance.

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    Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate v0.40 PublicBeta EN is now released for your listening and dancing pleasure over at Subsim.com. It's not finished but is VERY playable. Some enemy escorts do not play well with others and may bite!
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