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    IXD2 aft external torpedo reserve slot disappeared

    Started at new campaign and soon noticed that the sub suddenly got just three aft external torpedo reserve slots, the fourth is missing.

    Can it be reintroduced by altering files?

    Edit: Obviously problematic to continue without the proper amount of torpedoes, influencing every single patrol, reducing tonnage.
    Easiest fix was to abandon this corrupted campaign and start all over again.

    GFO mod with 15.000 renown, which were put to good use at Sonarman, Perfect Pitch, Sensor Alert and Overcharge.
    Grinding for Torpedo expert and Radar expert, purely for extended radar detection, while the others are replaced with lieutenants.

    Expecting to get a massive boost to the hydrophone spotting distance. Sonar dive every three hours and rush at surface for 25 minutes (14km) before crash diving again before the 30 minutes bonuses for hydrophone expires.
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    Greetings Otto_Harm,

    You could try posting your question over at Subsims. They are a bit more active over there then here.
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    The OP issue was resolved, but new campaign has brought my attention to the problem of raising and lowering antenna for german radar.
    Already tried different key commands ";" "I" and shift+x, resulting in the message -Snorkel not available.

    It's not essential for me to get this feature to work, suits me just fine to have something to research and write about on this forum.
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    Decent lineup of special abilities for survival against protected convoys:

    Propulsion specialist (torpedo)
    Master engineer (engine)
    Torpedo expert (torpedo)
    Overcharge (gun)
    Overcharge (gun)
    Quick repair (engine)

    German torpedoes has often seen to be too weak to permanently incapacitate hostile destroyers, especially when we need to put down several of these lurking vessels in order to get merchants. The extra punch from an torpedo expert can't always guarantee success against destroyers and that's where the multiple five mighty minutes of overcharged torpedoes becomes both practical and crucial.

    The first six crew members chosen to be promoted, are your candidates for special abilities. Save and load until the correct special ability pop up, yes of course, you can determine this all by your self, as long as you promote wisely from the very beginning.
    Normally I'd use men with skills between 150-159 for mentioned purpose, because they will regardless of trait reach beyond 300 combined skill points when promoted to lieutenants. Crew members above 160 are best used for watch, torpedo and sensor. Men left over below (159-150) should be promoted to gun or command, to automatically secure skill points over 300 for every single promoted soldier.

    Don't promote your own men just to promote them to lieutenants for sacrificial dismissal, better to buy two promoted men every time you're in port, after first three-four patrols and toss them off again whenever the hunt for special abilities demand a "human" sacrifice.

    We need to preserve for late game our recruits with less than 150 skills, very much unpromoted, in order to have men occupying less important crew slots for efficiency reasons.

    Five men at 149, five at 148 and seven at 147 are probably never going to get their promotion, they are much more valuable in stock configuration than having a brief career before shown the door, so don't touch them.

    If you've done crew management correctly, you ought to have six home-made special ability lieutenants in December 1943, along with 20 promoted crew members. The last seven promotions are supposed to take place in Jan/Feb 1944, but I would perhaps recommend to keep in mind that a few, three or four good recruits might be offered to you before the summer.
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