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I made a request for the refund but it's been about 5-7 days and I haven't seen it. Playstation is usually really good about this type of thing but I have not seen any progress yet. I think I may just be stuck with an unplayable game. I've never experienced anything like this. This is terrible. After this and the problems I had with FC4, not buying Ubisoft products anymore.
Just contacted Playstation through chat and was told I would be getting a refund in 3-5 days, Fingers crossed, first time I talked to chat they didnt seem to know of the issue, but this second time the support help seemed to have a idea something was wrong with this game and said since I took steps to try and get the game to work [like contacting ubisoft] and that I was told no patch date was able to be revealed I would most likely be issued a refund, you get yours yet?