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    Please tell me you UBI has talked with PB and will have it coming with it
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    Please tell me you UBI has talked with PB and will have it coming with it
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    Please release the game WITH punkbuster so we won't have to beg like dogs for it's support a week after we get the game!
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    Hmm. . . everyone wants it here. Most of the people, but most people in RvS seem to have some kind of problem with it. For one they're still complaining about cheating. Personnally, I'm all for good anti-cheat coding but keep it in house so you can control it (that way if. . . scratch that. . . when they start flaming the developers at least it will be the developers "fault"). And the idea of a Master Ban List is a bit disturbing, especially since we have seen recently that people occasionally get put on it wrongfully. I think it should be something left up to individual server hosts. Not some anti-cheat gestapo. The problem with RvS was that they let someone else do all the coding, now they can't seem to fix most of the problems because it costs too much.


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    Punkbuster what a joke and what a joke those that run it No way do I want UBI to waste there resources on stupid anti cheat programs as they will all get hacked by the script kiddies. Much prefer UBI to place there money and Dev skills into making the improvements to GR. Let me say I hate cheaters and all they stand for so don't go down that path UBI it's a waste of your time and resources.

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    Custom AC it has to be, PB doesnt really do much atall to stop cheats and its pretty easy to bypass, a custom AC is really a very nice idea, just like everything else it will be cracked but its a very "good" sign from RSE, shows that RSE have the metal to atleast try.

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    I would like to see a few changes to prevent online cheating and I think UBI dealing with it would be the best way.

    The easiest way would be as follows. Develop an in game scan engine that looks for specific DLLs that have to be created to use external cheat programmes. For example all cheats that use IFF Retlock and so on that can be activated and deactivated in game use a key logging method to hook in to the game programme. This is done by creating a specific DLL file, the most popular one at the moment is H@tKeysH@@k.dll. This covers about 98% of all in game activated cheats

    The UBI Game entrance system should check for these types of key logging files when you join a room to play and if found should give you the option to purge this file from your system, then you can join. Your own game should continually monitor your windows/system32 files when you are in game and if a key log dll is created while you are in game it should boot you.

    This would cut down on about 90% of the cheats that are available, it would also solve the problem of additional lag caused by third party anti cheat programmes scanning peoples systems.

    Dont kid yourself that GR2 will be any different, the same types of cheats will be available within the very first week of its release.

    There is also a large problem within GR1 where a cheat can send a malformed packet in dos to the host server through its announce port and crash the game. I do so hope this problem will be fixed for GR2

    I am not looking for a no cheat utopia, I know it does not exist, I also know that other cheats that dont use hooking are available and new ones will be created. However some protection is better than none and this would help a lot.

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    RvS is ALOT better now with punkbuster than it was before it. There are still cheaters, sure, R6 has always been problemed by private cheats and hackers who just won't stand to game on an even playing field. But if punkbuster gave a few people problems it was still well worth it rather than having every hack who has the game running rampant doing whatever the heck they wanted anytime they pleased.

    I would rather see the cheaters have as many obstacles as possible to overcome, including the actual fear of getting caught. Because without punkbuster they really don't have any obstacles and they really don't have the fear.

    EVERYBODY who games is afraid punkbuster might falsely nab them for no reason whatsoever, but if you have ever played against a hacker. And, let's face it, everybody here has. IT IS WORTH IT!

    I don't mind those who have problems with punkbuster, the system is nowhere near flawless. But right now what other options do we have?
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    That file is part of TMK, theres Little point checking for that file as you would only be treating the visible problem and not the actual problem.

    They need to

    1) hash game files.
    2) monitor running processes for known cheats.
    3) have a heuristic detection ability, i.e report suspicious activity for processing.
    4) allow rapid transparent updates to the AC component.
    5) attempt to detect API hooking, EAT, IAT, and binary patching! PB fails here afaik.
    6) encrypt network traffic.
    7) scan for debuggers.
    8) DON'T tie AC detection with no-cd cracks, if you do that the "extreme" crackers will end up cracking your AC whilst removing copy protections, i think if you leave them separate they wont bother.
    9) Screen-shot :P

    and MOST importantly !!!!!!!!!Client side replays!!!!!!

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    Anti-cheat has to be built into the game, not tacked on as an afterthought.

    RSE has had an unfortunate history of not learning from it's mistakes, and all it's products have had serious cheating issues. My hope is that they reverse this with GR2 with solid built-in anticheating measures.

    Also, since ip addresses can be easily spoofed or changed, players should be tracked by CD-key.

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