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    Bug on The Nursery

    After dying at the end of this, the antibiotics are below the exit stairs and I cannot grab it, and it is impossible to move on since I need it to recharge the generator. So I'm stuck with the " Recover previous survivor's mission items"
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    Hi jammirati-us and welcome to the forums, did you manage to previously obtain the antibiotics and then died? If so when you die, you should still have the antibiotics in your new backpack.

    Kind Regards
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    Hi guys! I'm stuck in the part 6: Recover previous survivor's mission items. I found a cure for Vicram but I was killed by a bomber zombie and with the new survivor I can't reach him because when I scan the room it says the door open but I can't open it. And it's the only way that I can go. It may be glitch or something? PS: I quit the game and restarted with a new survival and it doesn't work also. And there's no antibiotics in my new backpack. I sent an e-mail to Ubisoft and they said that "They're already investigation this situation and it's good idea to write here." So what am I suppose to do, reset all game or wait some patch or uptade.
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