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    Hey guys,

    Apologies for the delay. There won't be any additional patches coming for this title though I am going to see if I can find out why this may be happening again. Thank you for the information and I will follow up.
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    Thanks UbiPhobos! Look forward to hearing back!
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    I checked today, and it seems to be working.
    If you try it out wait 15-20 minutes for the leaderboards to update. For me it took that long for some reason.
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    Since the updates last night, the bug appears to be fixed on my end also.
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    I also see that my friends who had the issue, have points on the leaderboards, so it is probably fixed for everyone.
    I checked it today. The points I made immediately showed up on the leaderboards, and they showed up in a 1:1 rate. I had a bug a year ago, where every point was multiplied by six. The leaderboards are prone to weird bugs. Let's hope this was the last time we have to deal with them.
    It took some time, but thanks, Ubisoft for fixing it.
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    I noticed tonight this bug is happening yet again. None of my points are getting added to the leaderboards and are getting reset when I restart the game on PS4. Please look into this.
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    I can confirm it. Since last week I also see this error on PS4.
    Many of my friends also have it.
    Around the middle of last week a few points appeared for me on the leaderboards, but that was all. Nothing I do counts toward the leaderboards, and my in-game points are capped at 37500 now.
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    This issue still is not resolved. Ubisoft any update on when this will be fixed?
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    Ubisoft, any word on this issue? It's been over 2 weeks and still has not been fixed. Please advise.
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