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    Main character deleted by game glitch!!!!!!!??

    My main lvl 30 charcter was deleted somehow today without me doing so. I tried to log into the game with my character and the game instead loaded a lower lvl character with no arms or torso showing. I logged out to attept to log in again and my main was and is gone. As a single parent with limited game time that $100 on this game I am furious. Is there any way to get my character back????????????
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    I Lost my main Character

    I was Playing a Daily Mission. The game froze up, I restarted the game now my main character has vanished it just keeps asking me to start a new game. Please help i will not continue to play if my character is gone !!!!!!!!
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    Happened to me as well and Im pissed. Seriouly considering not pplaying anymore
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    Ya this is crazy spent way to many hours in game for this to happen!!!!!
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    Idem, my GT is ferdy77u.
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    I'm having same problem

    The same thing happened to me. All I did was attempt to login, got a delta or Mike error, and then I quit the game, restarted it, and my character is gone. I even logged in successfully for the first time since the patch, 4 hours ago. I am in the queue for Ubisoft support right now. If my character is indeed lost, I will stop playing and contact customer service for a partial refund because I am profoundly disappointed.
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    talked to live chat support and they told me they cant garentee that my character can be retrieved and that i should play with my low lvl alt until my ticket complaint is resolved. tried to log in with him and he still looks like hollo man. no legs no arms no appearence gear. they have until tomorrow and im requesting a refund
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    Still Nothing-- TECH SUPPORT NO HELP!!!!!

    Talked to Live support to abt the issue they said to CREATE ANOTHER CHARACTER!!!!!!! THIS IS BS!!!!!!! they need to fix this or give us our money back!!!!!!!!!
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    We should do a conference call to customer service to demand at least a partial refun

    d...this is crazy, so disappointing. I had 150 hours on my character.
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    I had the same problem

    I had the exact same problem. I tried to log into my main character I got the mike or delta error as well. When It got back to the character selection screen my main character was gone. I just submitted my support ticket. I swear that I can't my character I'm never playing that game again and I will demand for a total refund.
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