I'm using a Thrustmaster Ferraru 458 Italia Wheel. I've verified that all buttons are working in the Windows Controller Driver Properties screen.

Good so far...

Everything else seems to be working fine in the game EXCEPT the LB AND RB Shift paddles. I've tried mapping the buttons in the Wheel settings - nothing sticks. I've also tried remapping in the "Gamepad" Settings - which accepts the buttons but still doesn't work in the game.

It should work off of standard X-BOX Controller for windows mapping I would think.

I'm really enjoying the game but I really need to be able to shift.

Any ideas?

Updated Info : Alright - so from what I'm reading ti looks like the game is Automatic transmission only ... so why can't I go higher than 35 MPH?

This is my first game to ever use a racing wheel on so thanks for understanding.