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    Upcoming Balance Changes in Patch 2.3

    After creating a post that we will be making some tweaks to balancing in patch 2.3, and in more future patches, we were amazed with the feedback from the community. One piece of feedback that we felt was really good was providing these balancing changes in advance of the patch notes so that players have time to adjust and tweak their strategies to anticipate the changes (looking at you /u/LettuceAndTea). We agree!

    Below you will find the subsection of Update 2.3's Patch Notes that includes balance changes to certain weapons and operator specific weapons.

    Please note that the full list of patch notes with all of the changes and fixes in patch 2.3 will be released very soon, but this is just a glimpse at some of the balancing changes.

    Please feel free to leave your feedback below.

    Balancing: Operators

    Frost's Super 90 Shotgun falloff damage now begins earlier
    We tweaked the falloff damage of Frost’s shotgun. The falloff previously started at 5 meters. It will now begin at 3.5 meters, making it roughly on par with the M1014. We have made this choice because Frost’s Super 90 had too much range, making Frost too powerful alongside her Nitro Cells and Welcome Mats.

    Buck’s Skeleton Key’s environmental destruction has been enhanced
    We have designed Buck with the intention of having him be a versatile Operator that is able to go wherever he desires. We do not believe that the state he currently is in reflects this.

    The initial intent was to use his underslung shotgun as a tool and not so much as a weapon. As the pros have shown us in the Pro League, it is working as a tool, but it could definitely be more efficient and useful.

    Therefore, we have decided to increase the environmental destruction of Buck’s underslung shotgun. As the following series of .GIFs show, it is now a better tool and will help you get where you want faster.

    Killholes Before 2.3:

    Killholes After 2.3:

    Vaulting through hole Before 2.3:

    Vaulting through hole After 2.3:

    Balancing: Weapons

    SMG-11's recoil increased
    We have increased the SMG-11’s recoil. The weapon was too powerful as it was, with recoil that was too easily controlled given the weapon’s rate of fire. We have opted to alter it in two different ways for PC and for consoles:
    • For PC, we tweaked the SMG-11 in two ways: first, the weapon will not center back after a shot quite as fast as it did before. Second, the recoil will be more unpredictable now. We made that decision because we felt the recoil was too vertical, often giving easy headshots since that weapon’s rate of fire is very high.
    • For consoles, we have increased the value for the rate at which the camera rises. We have roughly doubled that speed. What that means is that the player will have to compensate downwards more with the joystick in order to control the vertical recoil. We also applied the same tweaks to the vertical recoil as explained above for PC controls.

    We have increased the SMG-11's recoil for 2 reasons: the first one is a combination of the fact that the recoil is almost purely vertical and that you can put an ACOG sight on it. We consider this to be too good of a combination, and the Pro League's players seemed to agree, given their loadout selections for Smoke and Sledge. The second reason is simply that it is a secondary weapon. We hope that this will strengthen its role as a secondary weapon, and lessen its use as a primary.
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    IQ and Tachanka

    Most of the people will agree the reason SMG-11 is so good that it's the only secondary with a scope.
    Altough It might still be good to just up the recoil. We shall see.

    Love everything else. Negative comments are just so easy to give
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    I've been saying for ages, console aiming in this first person shooter is terrible compared to Battlefield, Call of Duty, Destiny, Dying Light...because it needs:

    - dead zone settings lower than 5; ranging from 0 to current max
    - camera sensitivities on a scale of 100 instead of a scale of 10 (
    - camera acceleration settings so that users can choose to have max acceleration (as seen in almost every other popular fps).
    - camera stick stuttering fix....

    This game is terribly handicapping as it stands now.
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    Yay, that Super90 nerf was needed. I hope it's still not more powerful than the other shotguns, especially since shooties are used more recently, so her SMG will get more attention.
    That Buck shotty seems more interesting now. Until now he's just a pure fun character for casual, same as Tachanka.
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    Will ADS'n affect the hole of the new shotguns (meaning they will not be vault-able?
    Does ADS'n still tighten the shotgun fire spread?
    I noticed in one of the gif's the shotgun didn't fully penetrate the wall, what range does it fully penetrate?

    Other than that it looks good.
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    I wish you would just get rid of the acog altogether for the mac11
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    A Good Start

    All of these fixes seem like a step in the right direction.
    Although, I would still like to see some buffs for the least used operators like Tachanka, IQ, and Montagne.
    I'll be interested to see how Buck is received with these changes. I could easily see him being chosen over Ash/Sledge now.
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    Very interesting, still won't make Buck useful.
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    Great change to frosts super 90 shotgun, hoping for some buffs to the other shotguns in the game, besides the M1014 the rest are very lackluster.

    Nice change to bucks skeleton key but doesn't this make him exactly like sledge? I don't see a reason to play sledge now at all.

    This SMG-11 change is terrible, it nerfs the weapon at close range and does nothing to stop long range, single shot sniping, all you have to do is remove the ACOG, I don't think anyone would even care if they didnt a refund of the renown cost, just take the ACOG off of the weapon.
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