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    I would like that if someone kills with the skeleton key on buck the icon will appear in the kill feed its not much i know but means a lot for me but 1 more thing:
    PLS fix the hit registration as a lot of other people are having the advantage on others that when we shoot our bullets dont hit and are just making the enemy into a bullet sponges VERY not fun to play like this and gives lucky kills to the enemy not based on skill
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    Originally Posted by CuCu- Go to original post
    All Weapons with Acogs Recoil should be tripled while using acog! There is simply not enough recoil when using acog scopes in this game! please add more recoil to all Acog scopes, and this is coming from a player that is on the #1 Xbox NA pro league team nemesis! Also as the guy in post # 11 said please fix the net coding etc! This is a video comp of how bad the net coding is that i put together recently!
    That video sums up my biggest issue with the game. Too bad it didn't include c4 getting stuck to windows that were already destroyed.

    Glad to see the super90 is being nerfed.
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    Originally Posted by KabalLV Go to original post
    im so hoping on hit reg tweaks...
    Originally Posted by PxSq.eViQnine Go to original post
    nothing for cheaters..o yeah
    This is not the full patch changes, it's just the balancing part of the patch.
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    When tweaking Buck also reduce both the extreme random recoil and the extreme vertical recoil on Bucks C8-SFW. The recoil is just way too strong.

    In general please consider replacing random recoil patterns that change all the time with heavy left and right recoil to learnable recoil patterns that differ slightly in strength like e.g. in cs:go. Firefights with guns that have a huge random recoil become hit and miss luck guns with recoil patterns that stay the same and differ slightly in strength you still have a random factor but it is greatly reduced.

    Recoil patterns = Harder to learn and to control but with experience and skill it gets better and more managable. I am talking about complex recoil patterns so you really have to draw e.g. a T shape with your mouse to have the gun stay on point during longers bursts or full auto.

    Random recoil patterns = luck, low skill cieling, nothing to learn, hit and miss, frustration

    Changes to Bucks shotty look really promising. Keep going guys!
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    So you touch Frost and Buck, Smoke and Sledge. Out of all of them only Frost desperately needed the Shotgun nerf. Beyond that, you guys have operators in the base game that almost never see play because their abilities are or are near useless.

    So you only touch operators that see playtime? The ones that don't are forever left in their useless state?

    What the **** Ubisoft?
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    FML What about making changes to IQ, Kapkan & Tachanka???? Its been on almost every thread that these operators need additional tweaks???? Cmon Ubisoft!
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    Originally Posted by Aerros Go to original post

    I've been saying for ages, console aiming in this first person shooter is terrible compared to Battlefield, Call of Duty, Destiny, Dying Light...because it needs:

    - dead zone settings lower than 5; ranging from 0 to current max
    - camera sensitivities on a scale of 100 instead of a scale of 10 (
    - camera acceleration settings so that users can choose to have max acceleration (as seen in almost every other popular fps).
    - camera stick stuttering fix....

    This game is terribly handicapping as it stands now.

    back when i played on ps3, i was an almost pro-player, so sometimes i decide to play with a controller on pc, well, i tried that with rainbow 6, and MAN are the controls unwieldy, i don't know what it is, maybe accelleration? even mouse aiming, apparently it is tied to either fps or cpu usage, as while streaming the sensitivity goes out the window and all over the place.
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    I hope they consider these:

    Give Tachanka a shield that covers his torso and head from the front.Looking something like this

    and for the head

    Combined with a deployable shield he can get almost 100% cover from front.

    Important NOTE: The shield covering Tachanka's head will break after 4 hits! As soon as this shield is broken Tachanaka can get headshotted again. This will reduce the huge disadvantage of being a stationary target but only for a certain amount of time / hits. The peekers advantage gets weakend and more skill is required to take Tachanka out.

    Counters to the new Tachanka who is protected against bullets from the front : Ash (Grenade Launcher) , Thermite&Sledge&Recruit (Grenades), Glaz (1 shots the shield),Flash grenades, smoke grenades or flanking, or headshot from above e.g. Trap Door

    Important changes:
    • Make entering and leaving the LMG faster.It feels super clunky
    • Fasten deploying time
    • Reduce deploying sound


    • Give Tachanka shield piercing rounds that damage shield carriers like Blitz instantly through their shield. Also add the possiblity to break the shield window with Tachankas LMG after 2 hits.
    • Give him a C4
    • Give him Fuze's LMG without reducing mobility (peekers advantage)

    Some ppl want Tachanka to absorb more headshots because of his helmet but that would make him too strong as a roamer. With the combat shield this problem is solved as it only works when using the LMG.
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    To the posters above, Sledge can take out Castle barriers with one hit. Bucks shotgun does nothing to them. It takes buck 11 melee hits to break one, just like everyone else. So Buck and Sledge are not the same operator, and buck has a clear disadvantage when it comes to castle barriers and with his main guns (recoil is really something else on them).

    I am on board with all the other fixes... frosts shotgun and the SMG-11 both needed fixes. I am not on board with random recoil patters though (someone else mentioned it, and I agree that is a poor decision). Just get rid of the acog, and see where it goes from there. Baby steps.

    I agree also that Tchankas ability is borderline useles, and desperately needs some love.

    Sidenote- Please honor your pre-release promise to get crossfire working. It has been several months now, and nothing. If you say you are going to add something to get people to buy your game, then you should probably be honest about it, and do it.
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    An anti-cheat please. It's the most important thing needed actualy. Legit players avoid the ranked matchmaking. And now cheaters are coming to casual matchmaking. I have 5 names (one of them is a ESL player, lel) to send to youtube to show to UBI that's cheaters have no shame to use aimbots and wallhacks.
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